What is Public Conspiracy?


Public Conspiracy is my attempt to overcome the current paradigm in which my consciousness is currently contained.

Public Conspiracy aims to be a stream of consciousness of my public mindset.  A message to the ‘masters’. It is Public Intelligence in the military sense.

Contained within this blog hopefully will be uncensored and unrestrained thought.  A think tank for the globe.  It may contain false, discredited or otherwise irrational ideas.  The objective is not hate or instilling of fear, but rather advancement in the global consciousness.  This means open and frank talk.  It means considering all points of view relative to the situation and not discounting or throwing away anything due to it being incredulous.  In the coming times the battle will be about transparency, already the information war has begun, the battle to hold on to the power and ability to direct the public consciousness is in full swing.

This is my propaganda.  This is my tool.  This message is to myself, and to everyone else.  You don’t have to listen, you don’t have to like.  Disagreement does not preclude rudeness.  If it were so simple, the world would be a better happier place.


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