Essential Reading – The real history of the World wars and beyond

Essential Reading – The real history of the World wars and beyond

The article makes reference to the illuminati.  This is an interesting question.  What to call them.  We have many names for them.  The elite. The illuminati. The Powers that Be(TPTB). The Powers that Were(TPTW).  The more interesting names are the Committee of 300, Round Tables, Club of Rome, Mildly interesting is Bilderberg, CFR, Politicians.

The point is we need a collective name for them.  Something that sticks.  The elite is too broad. Calling out one of their organizations or ‘think tanks’ by name and pointing a spot light on them simply means it will disolve and set up shop elsewhere.  So what to call them?  If we are to interface with them in any meaningful way we have to call them something, but I don’t think it should have to be “Your Highness” if they are indeed normal human beings.

To call them ‘masters’ is to automatically assume they have ownership over us.  This is incorrect. That’s the problem with language.  The connotation and useage of each individual word automatically involves the deeper symbolic or emotional meanings of the same word.  Words are dangerous.

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