Battle for Syria, what’s really going on

So admittedly this video was made by Russians, and Russians have their own interests in Syria including a Naval base and investments. That said, I believe this paints a clearer and more realistic picture of what is going on in the country contrary to what we are being told in the MSM.

In the west we are told that the Free Syrian Army (FSA Rebels) are freedom fighters fighting against the tyranny of al-Assad, we know that the CIA, MI6 and Mossad arm, train and support the FSA, it’s basically been admitted as such. So why then does it appear that the rebels are the ones committing the war crimes, the genocide and murder, the chemical weapons attacks, killing civilians without a second thought. Aren’t these the people they are fighting to free?

It’s all propaganda baby, it’s just how you view it.

Posted in Public Intelligence

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