Bin Laden Denies responsibility for 9/11

Bin Laden Denies responsibility for 9/11

Just a reminder that the real bin Laden never accepted or claimed responsibility for 9/11.  The person that did claim responsibility was not bin Laden, but looked a lot like him.  He was also the star of most of bin Laden’s videos post 2001.  To spell it out clearly for you, he was a fake, created by intelligence agencies.  When I find a good article about this I will link it.

For now:

–> not the greatest site, but along the same lines:

CIA admits bin Laden video fake:

Also please keep in mind that all the ‘fake’ bin Laden videos were obtained from a private intelligence company called Intel Center.

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  1. […] them. The CIA and the White House now admits this, making his denial an irrefutable fact. The second conflict took place in Iraq on false grounds that the Sadam Hussein government had […]

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