Autism Shocking Testimony About Vaccines

I still haven’t completely made up my mind about the link between vaccines and autism. I hear a lot of good arguments from both sides. I really think there is something to it though.

We are injecting foreign substances into our bodies, this is about as unnatural as it gets. Is it really so surprising that our bodies may react badly towards this invasion? Is it surprising that these injections damage children who’s bodies and immune systems are still developing and growing ?

I know science is hard on this one, and they preach herd-immunity type tactics. To put it in a bit of context, I give the example of alcohol based disinfectants, commonly known as hand-sanitizer. Because of the widespread use of hand-sanitizers and the resultant near eradication of bacteria on the skin, the immune system, not having to work as hard to fight off new infections relaxes and gets lazy. Then when it is time to fight off a new infection it is less effective.

So essentially you have the reverse of the expected outcome happening. More powerful disinfectants lead to a weakened immune system and as a consequence, more sickness. It’s a vicious circle.

Is this not comparable to what we are doing with Vaccines?

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