Christopher Story: Fighting the Good Fight

Christopher Story: Fighting the Good Fight

Christopher Story is one of those strange cases of a man who is quite legitimate and knowledgeable in his business and yet writes as if he is creating works of fiction because the reality as he tells it is so far removed from what is seen by the general public.  He has had an intimate look at the inner workings of government and international relations.  Some of his video presentations can still be found on youtube.  Considering the seriousness of the subject matter, it is surprising that given his revelations he was not ‘bumped-off’ by TPTB.  He did in fact claim that there were several attempts on his life, particularly in his later career.

Through his website he was able to bring insider news to the world.  Much of which would raise eyebrows in any circle.  The website and his reports have been preserved at, and it’s definitely worth a browse through the information.  He was truly a brave individual and fought for the common man.  We should hoist a glass in his honour. <– yes I know this link doesn’t work, it is the address of Mr. Story’s old site, much of the information from here can be found @

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