Google, beyond the CIA: Insurgency and espionage factory

Google, beyond the CIA: Insurgency and espionage factory

So, let’s look at the spin here.

First, Press Tv is Iranian television.  So just like there are ‘international’ versions of each news agency, such as al-Jazeera English or BBC America, so too does Iran have their own ‘international’ station.  This station, much like Russian Television (RT) puts a particular spin on their news.  They promote 9/11 truth, they generally have an adversarial attitude towards the west, and thus publish articles to that effect.  Of course it is done in a slick and sophisticated manner, not overt, just ‘shocking’.  (I put shocking in quotes because it seems nothing much is actually shocking anymore).  The articles are not militant but are often what would be considered controversial in western media.

So we keep this in mind when we look at the story itself.

The story is about leaked emails obtained by wikileaks in some manner or another.  STRATFOR is a private intelligence company. The emails are conversations between STRATFOR employees basically decrying Google’s role in formenting rebellion and assisting intelligence abroad.

For PressTv’s part.  There are only 3 comments on the article.  All of which I would deem excellent.  The author, Gordon Duff, is a good writer, obviously professional.  He has been dealing in ‘alternative news’ for quite a while.

Wikileaks has always been somewhat suspect to me. Julian Assange as the figurehead loves to generate media stories about himself, but we haven’t heard much about him in a while.  Is he still hanging out in the embassy?  His seemingly brushing off of the events of 9/11 is what gets me.  — I don’t necessarily agree with everything this guy says, but I think he’s got it mostly right.

Wikileaks releases information legitimizing itself as an outlet for leaking information.  Although I suspect as time goes on it will be increasingly dangerous to go to wikileaks with information.  Either way there doesn’t seems to be much information as to where the leak actually came from, which I suppose is appropriate.  So we say anonymous?  A leak at STRATFOR?

STRATFOR itself being an intelligence company seems to have some internal security issues.  However we must also consider that STRATFOR likely has a psychological warfare division.  It is entirely possible and more likely that the leak was deliberate.  So the questions becomes why?  Did Google cut off or restrict access or otherwise hinder STRATFOR or some secret partner organization thereof and this is retaliation?Why would this information get out?  I believe there are good people out there, that when confronted with information that challenges their personal morals they are compelled to do what they consider the ‘right’ thing.  I applaud these people, what they do is incredible.  They sacrifice their career, likely their material possessions, most if not all of their social contacts including family, all in the name of something bigger, service to the public, to society at large.  The rare exception to this is when the person does it for the fame and attention.  It’s usually pretty obvious when this happens and most times you can identify it, the person is usually a self promoter, and gets commercial benefits or social prestige for their actions.  This reminds me of Assange.  I wonder if Assange has any psychopathic tendencies?  He seems to have some of the markings of connections to the elite.  Associations to higher levels of society and cults.

So we have four levels of spin here.  PressTv, STRATFOR, Wikileaks, and of course whoever released the information in the first place.  Wheels within wheels.

Lastly of course we must look at Google.  The world’s largest and most popular technology company.  Funny how links about this information come right up, yet it puts Google in a bad light.  It makes you wonder about the validity of the information itself.  As STRATFOR associated radio host Alex Jones likes to say, ‘There’s a War on for your Mind!’.

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