Free Energy Devices

Free Energy Devices

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Free Energy device circa 1900.

Frank Wyatt PRENTICE

Electrical Power Accumulator

US Patent # 253,765

sufficient power to light to full candle power a series bank of 50 60-watt carbon lamps [3 kw].

watch Tariel Kapanaze light up his bank of light bulbs using the very same circuit 😛

Read this explanation on how Tesla overtuned Ohms law which by the way is being taught in schools today as it existed 200 years ago. This is done with full knowledge and co-operation of the watchdog nee lapdog media.

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We already know how to make energy using the torus. It is called a Tokamak fusion reactor. I have watched these videos before, they sound good but don’t really say anything. Here is one of my ideas (i have several others on hydrogen production).

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No, they are not.

[–]yellowsnow2 1 point 8 hours ago*

All semantics, yes the WORD “free energy” can never exist. The idea most people have when they use the word “free energy” can/does exist…. A nuclear power plant is technically a free energy device by some people’s definition. Yes energy has to come from some where. Nuclear power utilizes energy stored in atoms. Each atom contains a huge amount of energy. We are literally surrounded by energy that is free for the taking. If you tapped into that energy source/fuel it still wouldn’t meet the definition of free energy because it has a source/fuel….. Real world meaning of free energy= significantly easier, cheaper,and/or more efficient energy

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