A Warning: Cheney re-opens the 9/11 Playbook for North Korea

A red-flag warning to students of 9/11 who look for patterns of behavior in the 9/11 perpetrators.

Dick Cheney on Wednesday has re-opened the 9/11 playbook:


Dick Cheney Warns GOP About North Korea: ‘We’re In Deep Doo Doo’

04/10/2013 – Former Vice President Dick Cheney told Republicans they should be very wary of recent threats from North Korea, CNN reported on Tuesday.

“We’re in deep doo doo,” Cheney warned top GOP lawmakers, a Republican leadership aide told CNN.

How this is part of the 9/11 Playbook:

Like Cheney on Wednesday, Rumsfeld also gave “prescient warnings” of a Pearl Harbor “surprise” in January 2001, and again in May 2001.

Later these quotes were used to emphasize Rumsfeld’s “wisdom” and “foresight”.

Likewise, Cheney’s quotes on Wednesday can be seen as parallel — part of an alarming trend and strategy.


January 11, 2001: Rumsfeld Warns of Surprise Attack Like Pearl Harbor

At his confirmation hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Secretary of Defense-designate Donald Rumsfeld warns of the danger of a surprise attack like Pearl Harbor happening again. He testifies, “We all know that history is filled with instances where people were surprised. There were plenty of signals, plenty of warnings, plenty of cautions. But they weren’t taken aboard. They didn’t register. They weren’t sufficient to cause a person to act on those.” He continues, “We know that the thing that tends to register on people is fear, and we know that that tends to happen after there’s a Pearl Harbor, tends to happen after there’s a crisis. And that’s too late for us. We’ve got to be smarter than that. We’ve got to be wiser than that. We have to be more forward-looking.” As ABC News later comments, “eight months to the day after his warning of a surprise attack, Rumsfeld’s fears became reality with the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.” [CNN, 1/11/2001; Scarborough, 2004, pp. 165-166; ABC News 7 (Chicago), 3/25/2004] Rumsfeld will again refer to the danger of military surprises four months later, during meetings with the House and Senate Armed Services Committees (see May 23-24, 2001).

During the past month, Cheney & Rumsfeld were remembered as liars for their role in the “WMD” fiasco.

But their reputation as liars could be “changed” overnight.

What if during the course of 2013 … Cheney’s & Rumsfeld’s “warnings” came to pass, with a North Korean nuclear strike on South Korea, and their mole Obama “discovering Iraqi WMD” hidden in Syria?

“Bush kept us safe” is their mythology that must be proven correct under all circumstances.

“Bush kept us safe, and liberals didn’t” would both redeem and resurrect the Neocons: “They were right”.

Not only did Rumsfeld “warn” us of his new Pearl Harbor, he also warned of:

For Rumsfeld & Cheney, this is theater.

They are playing a stage role.

They make “predictions” that they know will happen. Because they make it happen.

Remember, Rumsfeld gave North Korea its uranium:


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[–]gozerski 1 point 49 minutes ago

That is all part of PSY OP

They are “fabricating” the news. Just like in Jessica lynch case..or Libya..or Syria..or….

Most of the news are not even real. They are fabricated by some 3 letter agency. Like operation mockingbird ?


[–]Squackulainverse 3 points 6 hours ago

Nice. Also,

For Rumsfeld & Cheney, this is theater.

For all of them it’s theatre, including and especially both ‘sides’ of the political spectrum.

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