Never forget the Polish 9/11 – Nearly the entire senior Polish government was killed in this ‘crash’

This crash was an important and high profile event. See the discussion below and make up your own mind based on the video and what happened to the creator of the video soon after.  Of particular interest in the discussion below is how some users attempt to debunk or otherwise explain away this crash as nothing but coincidental.  The official explanation is that the barometer setting on the altimeter was not set correctly.  This is a standard and common part of a pilot’s operating proceedure.  The only way that the altimeter would be set wrong is if incorrect information was given from the tower broadcast.

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[–]celticagent 5 points 11 hours ago
Yeah I saw the video posted on Liveleak the day of the crash. It was taken down of course. But it had some guys stumbling around the crash site, there were shots going off…see if I can find a link to it
[–]magnicity 7 points 8 hours ago
It’s here on YT. I don’t believe it was ever taken down. It looks and sounds like it might be an assasination. Check the agent type guy wandering around giving the cameraman the side eye. The cameraman was murdered soon after. I will try to find the story.
edit: about the fate of the cameraman from a yt comment:
ImInTheDarkHere 5 months ago
Author of the video seen by everyone by now has been stabbed near Kijow on 4.15 and transported in critical condition to the hospital in Kijow. On 4.16 three unidentified individuals unplugged him from life support system and stabbed him 3 more times. Andrij was pronounced dead that afternoon. Russian government claims it was a coincidence. ”
[–]emanking 1 point 9 hours ago
I remember that video. It was eerie.
[–]TomasNYC 5 points 14 hours ago*
President kaczynski hated Russia . Russia for many decades was saying it had nothing to do with katyn massacre (25 thousand high rank officers were murder there ).. now polaks have 2 memorials there.
[–]Velzok[S] 9 points 13 hours ago
For those of you that don’t know: the Katyn massacre was under Stalin’s orders: over 20,000 high ranking Polish officers, lawyers, doctors, and government officials were slaughtered during WWII. The Soviets wanted to destroy the intellectual elite of the country they were ready “conquer” after the war.
What happened three years ago, with the heads of government on their way to commemorate the tragedy was an attack. Imagine: Obama, Biden, and all the other heads of state are on one plane and it goes down in Mexico, and the Mexican Government is the one that gets to do the investigation and takes care of all the particular details while all of America sits at home watching the telly with their thumbs up their ass. That’s what happened and Polish people have no voice.
People need to wake the fuck up.
[–]This-Is-My-Truth 3 points 7 hours ago
Massacre in the Katyn Forest
[–]bumblingmumblingBringing Down the ZOG Machine 0 points 1 hour ago
Excellent information that you will never hear in our government indoctrination centers aka high school and college.
[–]OrwellHuxleyyou got shilled 0 points 1 hour ago
It’s on youtube, it must be true
[–]bumblingmumblingBringing Down the ZOG Machine 2 points 1 hour ago
There is better information and more free thought there than the Zio-Communist Ministry of Propaganda channels known as NBC, Fox, CNN, ABC, and CBS.
[–]OrwellHuxleyyou got shilled 1 point 1 hour ago

[–]bumblingmumblingBringing Down the ZOG Machine 1 point 59 minutes ago
Is that kosher?
[–]kidcraig 2 points 12 hours ago
It was pilot error. Was reading the radar altimeter when they should have had the baro set properly. They did not. Hello trees!
[–]Man-DrillHatchet man for the NWO 1 point 16 hours ago
Same group of officials giving the green light to the American MIC to set up anti ballistic missiles in Poland.
You poke the bear, you get jacked son.
[–]bumblingmumblingBringing Down the ZOG Machine 0 points 15 hours ago
It is hard to know if it was a False Flag or questionable event because Zionist control of the western media.
Just as this this same controlled press spun for decades that the Katyn Massacre as being done by Germans.
[–]Svend_Robinson -3 points 16 hours ago
The Poles crashed their own plane in poor weather when other flights were diverting due to failed attempts and their own pilots already on the ground discouraging them. Not sure where the conspiracy lies. They flew the President into a birch forest because they were scared of him. Karma is funny like that.
[–]420lols 10 points 15 hours ago
“They flew the President into a birch forest because they were scared of him.”
Lol wat?
Also, if this was supposedly a crash, why the fuck can you hear gunshots at the scene? Who the fuck shoots guns at a plane crash site? Paramedics?

[–]nikolam 2 points 10 hours ago
Is there a video with actual English subtitles or does anyone know what is being said in the video? The pops do sound like gunshots but they could also be any number of things.
[–]magnicity 3 points 8 hours ago
english translation and digitally enhanced
[–]Velzok[S] 1 point 13 hours ago
you’re blind to reason. scared of the truth when it stares at you hard. Karma? what fucking Karma? I really hope you’re just a bad troll.
[–]420lols 1 point 13 hours ago
Retarded people are everywhere sadly….
[–]AnSq”This is a forum for free thinking – not hate speech.” -3 points 10 hours ago
Why did you put “crashed” in quotes? They found the pieces. Unless your saying that that’s just a decoy, and there’s a perfectly intact plane hidden somewhere in the forest with a bunch of randomly dead people in it. Or, oh, I know, the one they found is a decoy, and the real one quantum tunneled to the home planet of the reptilians because of the Illuminati’s secret super machine project that will kill us all.
I have no idea why I just wrote all that.
The point is, stop “using” scare “quotes”.

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