The real life ‘Expendables’

The father of Eric Harroun talked to CBS5 a day after his son was arrested and charged with conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction.

Darryl Harroun spoke from the yard of his Phoenix home, saying that his son is no terrorist.

“They treat Eric like a hero over there,” he said. “He was trying to save lives.”

Eric Harroun was seen in a YouTube video along with Syrian rebels seemingly claiming victory for a downed chopper.

According to the FBI, Harroun has been fighting against the Syrian government since January.

He did not hide his actions and posted several pictures on Facebook.

“He was working with the same rebels that Obama was going to fund,” said Darryl Harroun.

The FBI alleges that Eric Harroun aligned himself with a group that has links to al-Qaida in the fight against Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

“It is funny really to me,” said his father. “Anyone who knows Eric knows he is 100 percent American.”

Darryl also said that his son was quietly working for the CIA and even turned over a terrorist.

“I don’t understand what these charges are about,” he said.

Erric Harroun is not being charged with providing material to support a terrorist group, but conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction outside the United States.

The law applies to all U.S. nationals and makes no exception for anyone who may be fighting a hostile regime.


Possible explanation from youtube comments (probably not too far off the mark):

The story goes like this, CIA sends American mercenaries to help the Syrian Rebels like they did in Libya, American mercenary updates his fb page and uploads a few videos through his iphone, CIA finds out and tells him to come home for “briefing”, CIA arrests him at the airport and calls him a “terrorist’. He’s probably somewhere in a penthouse suite under house arrest playing Assasin’s Creed. CIA still trying to figure out the next play for him. they cant send him to Guantanomo coz hes american

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