Keshe – Building the plasma Generator

I’m not completely sure what to make of the Keshe Foundation as of yet.  The ‘leader’ does proclaim himself a prophet, which really doesn’t look good.  On the other hand, hopefully the creation of some of these new technologies will not be hindered by that.

From Reddit/r/conspiracy

We are starting to see progress with people trying to replicate Keshe’s technology:

  1. Geert –
  2. Ludmill –
  3. KPV –
  4. This Italian Team was the most advanced back in January, but things have gone quiet recently –

Also Joshua Thomas who released the Plastic Bottle Generator Video ( has just released a new video showing the power of magnetic fields:

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2 comments on “Keshe – Building the plasma Generator
  1. QuestionEverything says:

    It is an illusion that there is any real progress with these experiments. None of the teams has achieved any result that can’t be solidly explained within the framework of established physics. That is — apart from the lack of support from Keshe — one of the main reasons the Italians lost their motivation. They are performing plasma experiments, like people interested in physics have done for more than 100 years. Nothing special.

    The reason for their lack of progress beyond established physics is simple: Keshe’s theories are just plain nonsense, and he has never achieved the results he fantasizes about himself. Read the facts about Keshe here (there are several followups after the first comment):

  2. Keshe is a crook and criminal. He asks for prison. So many naive and stupid people believe him. Who (what country) supports financial;y this charlatan? And why?

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