Crowd-sourcing the news

I always enjoy saying: the internet is a lovely thing.

There has been a veritable information revolution and with it, the way in which the news is reported; in it’s traditional media sense, has changed.

In the aftermath of the recent Boston Bombing, the FBI and collective domestic police forces reached out to the public in an appeal for photos, video, information of any kind that could assist them in their investigation.

Obviously police have done this in the past and will continue to do so, that is nothing new, however the prevalence of video cameras and smart-phones should expound a wealth of evidence, not to mention the BPD did look a little nervous running ‘drills’ around the finish line and start line before the first bomb went off.

The point is, this is public intelligence in action.  Everyone takes their information to the internet, shares it with everyone else, and everyone is privy to the evidence at hand.  Of course suppression is always a problem, but it can be a move towards public transparency.

The information war is unfortunately something that will not stop.  The struggle for control of public opinion will go on forever.    But we as the public can shape that opinion, through transparency and cooperation.  By bringing what we have to the table.

We have to be wary of large or manufactured personalities however.  Alex Jones is case in point.  He does seem to be doing more harm than good as far as the publicly shown face of Conspiracy Theorists.  The manner in which he appeared on the Piers Morgan show, frothing at the mouth and talking loudly and wildly discussing gun control was the perfect caricature of the angry anti-government tin foil hat crowd.

Look for this trend and portrayal to continue as was witnessed in the press conference for the Boston bombing where an infowars employee questioned the chief as to whether this was a ‘false flag operation’.  As if the chief could answer any other way than he did.

.  This was done with mainstream cameras rolling on the conference, and I’m sure a collective groan can be faintly heard from the rest of the reporters for such an obviously antagonistic question.  This is the portrayal they want of Alex Jones’ followers.  Mindless/Crazed/Tin foil hat wearers, not to mention somewhat disrespectful, anti-social tendencies, basement dwelling etc..  Now that he has breached the public consciousness he and those like him must be treated with kid gloves.  They must condescendingly acknowledge him, pat him on the head, give him a treat and send him on his way.

I have to say, whoever it is at 4chan that ‘does it’, you gotta love ’em.  Either way, the online community, given some place where speech is as free as possible, can make and shape the news, follow the evidence to an accused, create transparency in the news, by crowd-sourced consensus.  Hopefully this promotes critical thinking universally.  Perhaps critical thinking in this manner is discouraged by the elite, however that means it can only be beneficial to the public at large.

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