Dr. Robert Duncan – Mind Control and Psychotronic Warefare

Dr. Robert Duncan – Mind Control and Psychotronic Warefare

This is a heavily suppressed and ridiculed subject.  Worth looking into.


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It’s easy to dismiss claims of psychotronic abuse, as the victims are often legitimately mentally ill- through torture or not. Still, I can assure you of the validity of the information provided by the whistle blower Dr. Robert Duncan. The psychotronic attacks are computer programs, so they follow identical “scripts” with accompanying identical physical effects. Many people may claim of voices in their head, but, as with any crime, there is circumstantial evidence that is beyond coincidence. I’m quite sure Saddam heard a high pitched voice, inside his skull, (incidentally Google “Army Yanks ‘Voice-To-Skull Devices’ Site”) saying, “Now we are going to give you a heart attack.” This was followed by his heart beating at a frightening rate. You can read many of the scripts, all about SATAN, and the current state of mind control attacks here: http://thoughtlessness23.blogspot.com/ This is all the tip of the iceberg, and I’m hoping it encourages you to read, but consider this quote from the author: “MIND is the acronym for the top secret project of electromagnetic mind control. It stands for “Magnetic Integrated Neuron Duplicator”. This is just a fancy phrase that means EEG cloning.” A victim of MKUltra torture while a prisoner at San Quentin filed a lawsuit claiming he was abused by a MIND device- the acronym having the same exact meaning. Evidence for its existence was unearthed, investigate here-http://mindjustice.org/ginter.htm If you can’t get through the entire book, though it is a fascinating and, assuredly, true story of the utmost import, you can always text-search with Ctrl+F for key words- SATAN, TAMI, etc. The author is a Harvard graduate scientist who worked on many secret CIA and Dept. of Defense projects- including writing the software to track the Soviet submarine fleet, and the acoustic triangulation technology used to pinpoint snipers in Iraq with strategically placed microphones. The latter was initially called Stryker, I believe. The technology is EEG Cloning or EEG Heterodyning. You can read about its use to entrain EEG signals of despair and defeat into the minds of Iraqis during the first gulf war by searching for “S-Quad silent sound spread spectrum.” This is an example of EEG Heterodyning. A perfect, and severe EEG Cloning attack provides for what feels like an actual possession. In this case the victim’s body will literally speak of its own accord (very disturbing as you can imagine) and make facial expressions, like the perverse grin characteristic of SATAN. More good information here: Duncan received his PhD from Harvard in Artificial Intelligence. I realize this file is long, but please save it if you value transparency in government. Warfare – The Top Secret Mind Interfacing Technology Decrypted by The Saint http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/gangstalkingresearchforum/message/90 Consider this excerpt: This report will be hand delivered to several members of congress on June 14th-17th. I gave expert testimony on Non-Lethal weapons, Directed Energy weapons, Bio-communication weapons, and advanced secret surveillance technologies to 23 congressional members and staff including the Judiciary Committee and closed door meetings with the Senate Intelligence Committee members. The former head of Southern California’s FBI accompanied me to the meetings to testify. We have had several follow up meetings since. One of the democratic congressional offices said, “We can’t investigate torture of Americans until the republicans are a minority in Congress.” Let’s see whether they pass Congressional House Resolution 1026 or if they are all talk. Here is a short video from CSPAN on Co-intel pro and the Church hearings to give you some background. This is a true story. The Senate Intelligence Committee members we met with had never heard of MKULTRA or Co-intel pro they said. How can they do their job for the American people if they don’t even know the basic rap sheet of the criminals that found their way into our system? I have a great deal more research and personal experience if anyone’s interested.

Anonymous Operation Mind War Michael Aquino MK Ultra – YouTube ► 6:19► 6:19 www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rk3KzVYjfa0

This is also pertinent. Aquino broke off from The Church of Satan to form The Temple of Set. He was a high-ranking general at the NSA specializing in psy-ops and an expert on psychotronics, writing the military paper “Mind Wars.” He has also been investigated for pedophilia by San Francisco authorities for the scandal involving child molestation at The Presidio. He is heavily tied to The Franklin Conspiracy. Paul Bonacci says he is the man he referred to as “The General” and that he gave the order to kidnap Johnny Gosch. While Bonacci’s claims seem outlandish at first, he ultimately won a million dollar settlement after Senator DeCamp (first sent to Boys’ Town thinking he would quickly discredit the nonsense reports) became his attorney and wrote the book, “The Franklin Conspiracy,” which detailed the pimping of Boys’ Town kids by high-ranking Republican bankers-replete with tales of drug orgies and trips to Bohemian Grove. Another military paper that discloses psychotronics and, literal, mind-uploading can be found here: “The Mind Has No Firewall” http://www.carlisle.army.mil/usawc/parameters/Articles/98spring/thomas.htm Also of interest would be Russian psychotronics expert Igor Smirnov. He was brought to The Branch Davidian Complex at Waco, along with psychotronic weapons, when the feds considered employing them at the siege.http://www.wired.com/politics/security/news/2007/09/mind_reading?currentPage=all To paraphrase an apt quote from Smirnov, “Anyone with the knowledge can inject these signals into any electrical system or even power lines. Well what happens when there is a Ukranian Satan, or an Israeli Satan, or an Iranian Satan?” There is, and has been for quite some time, a secret arms race going on. See the CNN report titled, “Radio Frequency Weapons”-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCLV6Q6D8oM Something else targets of severe psychotronic attack have in common is absolutely surreal hacking of electronics in their homes. This is advanced “Van Eck Hacking”- decrypting electromagnetic emanations allowing for remote viewing of what’s on your computer screen. At it’s simplest, civilians can do it with $20 worth of equipment. The current Directed Energy Weapons testers have also perfected inserting signals into electrical systems at a distance. The human body is a bioelectromagnetic open system- irrefutably. The below quote describes a Sony Patent: “The technique suggested in the patent is entirely non-invasive. It describes a device that fires pulses of ultrasound at the head to modify firing patterns in targeted parts of the brain, creating “sensory experiences” ranging from moving images to tastes and sounds.” Read Dr. Duncan’s book. The science and math do not lie. Advanced imaging techniques, such as Electron Spin Resonance, allow for the viewing of the depolarization of a single neuron in a human brain. The EU Parliament penned a resolution to ban directed energy weapons, specifically defining them as weapons which “interact with the brain at the synapse level.” NSA SIGNIT lists decrypting electromagnetic “unintentional intelligence bearing signals” as part of its mission. See TEMPEST-https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tempest_%28codename%29 Most find it hard to believe that they, admittedly, monitor computer usage like this at great distances (likely from space), but imagine the outrage if, and, God willing, when, people put it together- They’re monitoring neurons firing in our brains.


I think this is a good place to remind people about the Greenbuam Speech, as I think it fills in some of the holes on this subject matter, so to speak. Post-MKUltra, but way deeper, and way worse. This is long, but know that the speaker is a respected psychologist & it was at a well known annual symposium. This guy has ZERO interest in the conspiracy world & being a hero for the cause, or any of that. All he does is try to heal people, in his specialty. He took a big risk with this work.

If you read all of it, you will understand how hard-core this whole phenomena is, and the brutality that the casualties of this subculture have to endure. It’s also a fascinating insight into the the true power of the average person’s mind.

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  1. Jim says:

    This technology is for real and being used on millions of people, most of who are unaware of it. I have been
    a target of MKULTRA since childhood and used for non consensual human experimentation for decades.

    The new MKULTRA has left the laboratory and now makes use of signals intelligence satellite networks like the NSA’s Echelon satellite array and EMF scanning networks which are used to track the unique EMF signatures which emanate from the human body.

    This is a form of electronic enslavement which the U.S. Federal Government and other NATO nations are using to brand their citizenry like heads of cattle.

    Our bodies EMF signatures belong to use, since they are our biological property.

    Yet, our subverted governments have stolen them and now use them to enslave us by including these unique sets of EMF signatures within central computer databases that are used for cover government domestic spy programs.

    The situation is absolutely Orwellian and no member of U.S. Congress of the White House will ever admit to this atrocity against the U.S. Bill of Rights.

    Google: Akwei VS NSA and The Matrix Deciphered and EEG Heterodyning to learn more about this signals intelligence technology and how it’s being used to enslave the global middle class.

    • Mark says:

      The German “NSA” is operating big time in Australia and New Zealand.
      Their wider organisation on cloud platforms an “SP” levels of the so-called “brain project” includes Fraunhofer, Berghofer, the Brain Institute and many more.
      Apart from the usual 24/7 brain rape, projection of meth-pipes and genitals and mind-rape programs, they are using the worst talk-back and psychotronic applying cowboys one could imagine. Access to satellite has been granted to them.

      They identify themselves as part of the G8 program and operate ruthlessly in Australia and NZ, keeping people, that they call fucking brains and fucking targets on cloud platform Konzentration camp style cloud platforms. Everyone, from trainees to SP – level operators of the brain and blue brain project and operation tree log is getting a go, until the brain, being kept barely alive glowing like a christmas tree is collapsing. This is when their fun starts and more psychotronic force is being applied. The poor people I have met they are finished with, are total vegetables.
      The reason for the unskilled German scenario cowboys to operate is basically ultrasound backflow of data. They then, after sequences or “semesters” “share their cake”, money. Money people, opportunists, with high disregard for human life.

      A major part in the wider Nazi network is the Heidelberg University, funded by the Pentagon.

      Most of the other German Institutes operating abroad are indeed funded by the European Commission. Believe it or not.

      It’s a very cruel game, senseless, without any revelation or scientific nature.

      Intrusive psychpotronic operations that feel like someone is soldering inside your brain is a nightly experience. The brain is given next to no time to recover, trauma is permanently induced. EEG terror, letting you walk spastic, electronic beestings, etc. are normal applications.

      You are over and over being run on a Hz frequency that devastates you and being “coerced” and verbally forced to go and organise ice or chrystal meth for yourself from wherever which they then have you smoke or preferrably inject, no matter if you are a user or not. “It helps us with the emptying process of your brain” is the usual response if you don’t comply.

      Old mind-shattering projections of the Monarch program are a constant in being projected into your mind.

      Any of your imagination is being obscured and shot back into your brain.

      What they complain about most is having had to sign up for an outdoor “experiment”, where most brag via brainwave, just how many lives and brains they have cooked and finished off.

      The left-overs of their conduct ends up on “robotronics” cloud platforms, another act of hi-jack and torture, once their victim is of no use for operations any more.

      Part of their conduct is to have people thrown into psychiatries, convicted and put into jail, where they can roast their victims further, being stuck in a coordinate.

      This German conglomeration, known as the brain project on cloud platform harvests the living day lights out of innocent German Ex-patriats, German tourists, German residents of Australia and NZ. Be vary. It could be safer for you being German to stay inside Germany then entering the German NSA’s , as they say, “smorgas boards” of “f’n brains and targets”.

      I have been kept hostage on their program for 2 years now and am using this opportunity of what seems to be a technical difficulty of their brought into Australia 5 Mio worth of psychotronic equipment in a short time of what they call a accidental “awakening” to make this statement.

      Once you’re in their spider web, you’re lost.

      The targets I met they were finished with sleep on the concrete, clench their jaw, are being further tortured, scream in agony, where they would have earned the German conglomeration and cohorts (cowboy character psychotronics) Millions in ultrasound data back-flow.

      I am being kept awake up to 10 days in a row, with a very soar head, have been psychotronically burnt out of my house, my flat and any shelter. I would like help but get no response. Have been run on a panicking Hz frequency and emptied until I could not stop screaming, so they could burn me further being held in a mental unit.

      They have run mutilation scenarios on me under extreme microwave influence which kept me scarred.

      I know my destiny will be just that of the poor people, so called ex-targeted individuals of the German conglomeration operating from cloud platforms calling themselves the German MK Ultra, the German Freemasons (a joke), the Australian Federal Police (imitating law inforcement) or ASIO. Which will be a life on a piece of cardboard, clenching my jaws further, screaming in agony, being swept away and held in an institution. But wait, there is more…you are then being run on microwave maser ultrasound infrared and cruelest projections even further. Completely emptied and institutionalised, they then project you “operation treelog” information back into you, just in the most obscured way, to then have you be the sad plagiat of the original. To then empty you over and over, and repeat the process.

      Once the responsive part of your speech centre is disfunctional and you can not be emptied and filled up anymore, there is two options for you; which is being kept on frequencies that are causing a permanent headache to have you “shelved” until another money-making project is coming up, which leads usually to option two, which means you get hi-jacked, I mean physically hi-jacked after being run-down by their micro wave frequencies and then being handed over to robotronics, which usually, as the scenario is explaining to me for 2 years now, being complimented with an actual chip into your skull to be run as an in-house project.

      I will not be able to make another statement as I am being shot at psychotronically and threatened via synthetic telepathy. This was my chance to find my way to an internet cafe.

  2. Jessica Wallace second email says:
    Elections fraud, I am sending you 2 emails. Please distribute, forward to ALL; your future and your life depends on it; thank you. UPDATE Kaantaa Tlumaczyc prelozit oversaette traduire ubersetzen fordit Tradurre oversette traduzir prelozit traduzir prelozit pyoa Traducer oversatta cevirmek oversatta prevesti vertalen isversti Prevajanje cyfieithu http://www.bing.com/translator http://translate.google.com http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/translator Please forward this information to Laurentian Elites. They got us through two wars, World War I, and World War II; they will get us through this. RE: Medical emergency, virtual kidnapping, virtual abduction, wireless squatters, medical fraud, a threat to life, technological suffocation, death threats, conspiracy to murder, brain damage, medi-tech torture and rape, gang stalking, extortion, hate crime, domestic terrorism, trespassing, medical malpractise, criminal harassment, invasion of privacy, brutal persecution, loss of security, theft on all levels including the most intimate and private information ( they are using our private properties and our bodies for their political and financial gain) , abuse of power, charges of complicity, abuse of technologies intentionally designed, coded, programmed to harm humans, forced confinement. (This email is my ELF weapon). This is Canadian Holocaust. —————————————————————————————— In case they have not informed you; Scientology Satanic cutthroat Nazi cult is surrounded. Scientology Nazi leader, David Miscavige is dead. Our people, and world’s Law Enforcement agencies and wireless are in the Upper Echelon of the organization. Collection notices went out to confiscate all assets. All Source contracts are being cancelled. You can now start singing; go publically and disclose what you know about this BEAST; name them; I do, people must know what is going on. Our people and world’s Law, telecom and Security authorities have now moved onto Mitt Romney’s “One World” organization. The world is experiencing extreme obstructionism, and mass migrations. UNEDITED (I’m under brutal wireless and in person assault; I am being tortured, nonstop over four years now, and from time to time over past 5 decades). April 1, , 2014 Below is email, which is now in the hands of millions. (Unedited). ———————————————————————————————- tłumaczyć http://translate.google.com/ Please forward this information to Poland and your other international contacts. ——————————— Launch a Class Action Lawsuit against the top 2% of the super rich of the world for class and gender discrimination, abuse of power, theft on numerous levels, Constitutional and human rights abuses, using illegal technologies on us, extortion, for undermining and destroying our lives etc. Please forward to CEO, president of hospital health system. A situation exists in hospitals of which perhaps you are not aware. Nurses, patients and visitors are being assaulted with wireless current, psychotronic military technologies; doctors run illegal wireless psychotronic experiments out of hospitals, their residences etc. Below is email I’ve sent. I am sending you two emails. These emails are now in the hands of 431 major Canadian hospitals’ CEOs and LHINs. These hospitals received A+, A, B, C, D and unrated ratings by CBC. ———————————————————————————————————- There is a huge abuse with “every two week” provincial money downloads to hospitals. Doctors submit numerous fictional invoices under numerous names; also, hospitals transfer patients among their health systems, and bounce them from one hospital to another within their hospitals’ systems. Example: Hamilton Sciences Health systems. Please forward this email to others; we all need this information so that we can protect ourselves. Vote and associate with those who are most likely to save your life. Those who stalk you intend to do you harm. ——————————————————————————————————————————- If anyone is being assaulted with wireless current, wireless electricity, is getting wireless death threats, extortion, coercion messages, is being wirelessly stalked and criminally harassed, is getting BlackOps torture attacks, [even when people drive] it is Cecil Dam (truck driver), Sybrich Dam (store clerk), [stupid people] (Holenderski-Dutch), 7065 Parklawn Crescent; Telephone 905 374 8761; 905 682 5221 [the nut shop] ; Dominic and Jean Delazari and their cohorts at Cogeco, Niagara Falls municipality etc. (Parklawn); Gary and Patricia Ward (he works at Canadian Tire, she worked at the library; (all library branches are infested with these cutthorats, with this evil, primitive madmen) John and Agnes Ancio (Paisley Avenue); at least 6 men at Coronation Centre, Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada; Maria Ruff, Dennis Smith, A T & T – Rogers Wholesale Telecom; University Avenue., Toronto, Ontario Canada; once they start attacking, these people don’t leave until they steal and kill. They have been wirelessly torturing me for the past 8 years at this location, and probably previously at others for decades. Gary Ward and Sybrich Dam, homicidal, ruthless, demented cutthroat scorpion of a woman, constantly calls my telephone line. Scientology [Harper]/Mormons [Romney] Nazi Party Death Squads. Their Finance Departments , for example, Niagara Falls director Todd Harrison (Scientology), director-treasurer of financial services, and Anne Felicetti, financial services, division of Corporate Services Department are extorting money from me using systems fraud and demanding a payment of $400 for one month of water which I had not used. My usual monthly water consumption is $30-40 dollars. I’ve been in six times to talk to him about it, he told me that there is nothing he can do for me; perhaps someone can do something for him. Niagara Falls Finance Department MUST be audited. Send him and his supervisor, CEO a message before he uses the same method to extort money from you. They are using a criminal organization, Source security (Scientology) for their network and security services. Who approved it? His telephone number is 905-356 7521 x 4286; fax 905 356 0759; email tharrison@niagarafalls.ca. They sent me a notice that from now on, water charges will be assigned to the Niagara Falls residents by the Finance Department. I know that Niagara Falls residents will be overcharged by the Finance Department if this is allowed to happen. This is not good for the reputation of the city. I don’t owe Niagara Falls municipality this money. Either this is a systems fraud, or Finance are doing this to cover up overspending by them; or, they intended to redirect this money to Cecil and Sybrich Dam (a demented moronic duo) who have been attacking me nonstop for the past 8 years at this location, have been breaking into my residence, vandalizing my property, stealing from me and stalking me 24/7 wirelessly and in person, and organizing brutal attacks on me in and out of the city. I also think this has something to do with last year’s presidential election. I supported president Obama, and for about a year, I spent from 8:30 in the morning to 9 p.m. on the Internet outside of my home to help re-elect president Obama . I live alone, and for a year, I only came home to sleep. I hardly used any water at all last year. They sent me this bill immediately following the US election and demanded payment in cash only the following day. I refused. I guess, this Scientology Nazi in the Finance Department decided that I needed to be punished for supporting president Obama. Scientology supported Republicans and Mitt Romney. Stop this Scientology Nazi Finance Department bigot before he does the same to you. It wasn’t enough for him that I am being wirelessly tortured by his machine; he, along with others arranged for me to be attacked in person by his Scientology Nazi mobs. They have also been stealing our water through fracking for oil and gas, then sending us the bill for it through Finance Departments and illegal systems fraud. Water used for fracking can never again be returned to the atmosphere. See http://www.davidsuzuki.org/blogs/science-matters/2012/09/whats-the-fracking-problem-with-natural-gas http://www.cbc.ca/natureofthings/episode/shattered-ground.html We need your help to expel this organization out of our communities, to cut off their access to illegal military technologies; without illegal technologies, this organization will fall apart. I know what these people are capable of doing, and how they do it. I live amongst them, I worked amongst them. These people cost you money. Cities were forced to hire additional security to protect community members and tourists. Those costs are passed on to you through taxes. Some of them are hiding in Dutch Christian Reformed “Church”, on Jepson Street, Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada, which in reality is Scientology Nazi Party Niagara region Head Quarters. Involved in these criminal actions are those I mention above, also Gary (part-time employee at Canadian Tire, McLoad Road; and Patricia Ward (library clerk); John and Agnes Ancio (Paisley Avenue); Dr. Ado (Morrison community private health clinic owned by India’s doctors) and all with whom these people associate. Kick Scientology/Mormons (LDS) Nazi Party out of Europe; where they go is their problem. They can go back to their planet Kolob (which does not exist), or back into the volcano from which Scientology and they say they came. Then deny them access into any other country. Norway put them into bankruptcy; the whole world is after them; it is a Nazi Party, which developed psychotronics, a technological Nazi extermination machine to which they wirelessly attached people and a party which practices Satanism. They have attacked us all, have stolen from us all and have broken every law in the world. These technologies were developed for racial cleansing purposes. This is a mental, psychological shotgun. It would take a demented mind to create such a program, and another to use it. They are outside of Warsaw, Poland in the suburbs, in Nadarcyn. They even gave Poland a country code of 48, which is a reference to the number of Auschwitz concentration camps. Nazis did not want to damage German land, so they decided to use Poland’s instead, then blamed Poland for what they themselves had done. And then for decades spread false information to turn the world against Poland. Poland was not responsible for what Nazis did on her land. Hitler came in from one side, Germany, and Stalin came in from the other, Russia. And to this day, Poland has not been repaid for the damages that had been done to her during the WWII war. And that is exactly what my neighbours did to me in Niagara Falls, Dams, calculating,vicious scorpions, manipulating, pure venim, drug dealers, bloodthirsty Nazi thugs formed a Nazi snake, hornets’ nest in the community of Niagara Falls, attacked me from one side, Delazaris (another beast) attacked me from the other side, and arranged for three other neighbours at the back of my property, and three at the front to do the same. (All members of Scientology and “L”, or, One World organization.) These people are vicious cutthroats and will sell their children and grandchildren. They already sold out their neighbors. And Wards and Ancios do the same. They outdo each other in cruelty. It never bothers them that people are suffering. They lack basic principles of humanity and decency. Every time I leave my house, Dams and Delazaris break into my home despite the fact that I changed the locks 5 times in 8 years. This is an internal threat; I feel threatened all the time. Cecil and Sybrich Dam recently bought a black van with stolen money no doubt. They now have a mobile home, a truck, a van and a car for two of them. Dams, Wards, Ancios, Ventrights and Delazaris in an attempt to take over the city and the region, have enlisted their daughters, son, son-in-law, grand-daughters, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, all unemployed in the region, members of Coronation Seniors Centre, Niagara Falls, Summer Street, co-workers, crooked cops, crooked doctors, library employees, pharmacists, nurses; together they formed a criminal Nazi extortion mob, which is using wireless military technologies illegal for them to use, and next generation technologies on the population. Using wireless technologies, they scream, attack, yell at people to get out of their own houses, for which these people worked and paid. Dams use computer programmers to reprogram attacks on people individually, the programming assaults are different in each room of their victim’s residence, and it is different outside. They attack people while they sleep, the computer to which we are attached wakes us up in the middle of the night. Only the weakest of the weak assault people in the middle of the night while they sleep, because they know that one on one they would never win. Dams use other people’s voices, pre-recorded in their computer programmed psychotronic attacks in an effort to put blame on other people; they always deflect blame. During last four years I have sent out 900,000 of these emails, [this is my ELF weapon] and $40,000 worth of faxes- asking others to do the same [all the while I was being viciously, wirelessly assaulted with psychotronic technologies and in person attacks]; Bell Canada Telecom gave me a huge discount, it cost me $1,000 for the faxes. And I emailed in public, right in front of them on their own Cogeco-Rogers computer network. If I can do it, so can anyone. Vote and associate with those who are most likely to save yours, your families’ and your children’s lives. We are not going back to slavery, we are not going back to feudal system to support the select few, the select wealthy who have stolen from us, we are human beings, we are not their product; we are moving forward. We also need help with monitoring physically and wirelessly the south border of United States to prevent people from illegally entering US. This Nazi regime made living conditions in Mexico so difficult for people that it is impossible for them to live there: however, the solution is to help make Mexico prosperous. ———————————————————————————————————– Kaantaa Tlumaczyc prelozit oversaette traduire ubersetzen fordit Tradurre oversette traduzir prelozit traduzir prelozit pyoa Traducer oversatta cevirmek oversatta prevesti vertalen isversti Prevajanje cyfieithu http://www.bing.com/translator http://translate.google.com http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/translator We need your help. Please forward this information to others; people need this information so that they can protect themselves and their families, and so that they know for whom they are voting. ——————————————————- May 25, 2013 I am still waiting to be disconnected from Brian Mulroney’s (Canada’s former prime minister) – Stephen Harper’s (Canada’s present prime minister) Conservative Party joint venture, psychotronic torture, rape, slow-kill murder machine. Their Nazi Death Squad put me in an electromagnetic wireless Auschwitz 49 concentration camp psychotronic wireless electromagnetic cage, are torturing me day and night with wireless current, wireless electricity and are using other wireless technologies in numerous other premeditated, planned and programmed wireless assaults on my body and my life. And who knows how many electronic microchips Scientology Nazi doctors put into my body without my knowledge or consent during surgeries and dental work. It has been proven that electromagnetic fields cause cancers in a human body. People who live near hydro towers and cell towers get more cancers than the rest of the population. Because of their decision to attach us to an extermination machine, I have parasitic idiots, a truck driver and a store clerk wirelessly accessing my brain and inside my organs. And who knows to whom they gave wireless access to my body. These cutthroats have been selling my bar code number. And they are frequently stoned on street, hard drugs. Dams have also been going through my garbage looking for something with my DNA on it to sell also. And now, Scientology/Mormons Nazi Party is also storing computer data within minute portions of human DNA. These people organize attacks and are involved in numerous extortion schemes. These people will sell their own children and grandchildren. October 2013 – Dams son-in-law, a corrupt Ontario Provincial Police cop, who has me illegally wirelessly attached to his psychotronic torture and murder machine in Fonthill sent me a wireless message: “You will never get me”. Maybe someone can prove him wrong. November 2013 – this Dam’s son-in-law, former cop sent me another wireless message: “I am a millionaire”. Take this money away from him and return it to people from whom he stole. This cop was turning ordinary people into contract killers, and how to get away with it; and that’s what Dams have been selling to their clients. And they have been doing that, using properties owned by others. And they have been using dangerous technologies and technological protocols to access their bodies for demonstrating, teaching purposes. Along with Dams, there are several neighbours, numerous library staff, along with numerous corrupt Scientology Nazi cops from various police departments promoting hatred, rape, murder, extortion, coercion, theft, violence, money laundering – all paid for by the taxpayers. These cutthroat idiots feed of each other’s stupidity constantly, desperately wanting attention; and their children and grandchildren follow in their footsteps. They infected the whole neighbouhood. They will then be infecting other children. Those who have been also attacking me and extorting money from me: Gary and Patricia Ward, Paisley Avenue; she works at the library, he at Canadian Tire; Dominic and Jean Delazari, Parklawn Crescent; John and Agnes Ancio, Paisley Avenue; and Ventright on Parklawn Crescent. Gary and Patricia Ward (another cutthroat couple) have been stalking me and attacking me wirelessly since 2005. They are constantly wirelessly in my house; they have equipment which allows them to read my mind; they have been sending loud pops into and outside of my residence, and loud messages; Gary Ward has been frequently sitting on his tree, stalking me while I attempted to do work in my backyard; she stalks me at the library; they constantly send me wireless messages while I am in my bed, or in my backyard; send painful signals to my kidneys and pancreas. They are both vicious sadists, members of Scientology. They have psychotronic wireless equipment which allows them to illegally access and attack my body. They have been using illegal wireless mind control on me for the past 8 years and on other community members, recording it all and selling that information. They are using illegal to them wireless military communication channels, and making money from these attacks, while not reporting their income to CRA. The recordings are done at others residences, businesses without consent. Dams always watch television illegally, without my consent wirelessly at my house. When they don’t like something that is being said, they send a loud, popping signal to my television. Sybrich Dam follows me everywhere I go including public washrooms, wirelessly and by car in person; they kicked her out of their organization so she is desperate. The whole city is laughing at her. She constantly sends me messages: “Give me money”; “pay me”; “marry me”; Angus Reid: “One million dollars is gone”. Desperation is never a good thing. Dams have turned their children and grandchildren into criminals; so have Ancios and Wards. They gave illegal access, using illegal technologies to the delibarately unemployed, uneducated mostly young people, dead beats who are on social assistance, (there are about 30-40 of them) to my brain, internal organs and to my residence without my permission. Our taxes are paying them, and they are using that money to wirelessly and in person to stalk and attack us. Young, healthy people who are on welfare, must be required to go to school to train or retrain themselves. They should not be permitted to just sit around and do nothing to collect social assistance. They have nothing to do, they are bored, they see no future for themselves. That’s how they get recruited into cults and crime. They must be given a path to succeed in life through other, legal productive means. These cutthroats, this terrorist organization to whom no target is sacred operate deliberately and violently as outlaws. These outlaws pose, and preoccupy governments, policy analysts and commentators. December 2013- Sybrich Dam, in desperation, called her psychiatrist 3 times in one day, once after midnight. Using illegal wireless psychotronic wireless connections to Conservatives’ murder machine is torture, slow kill murder, human trafficking and money laundering. http://www.land-oberoesterreich.gv.at/cps/rde/xchg/ooe/hs.xsl/12086_DEU_HTML.htm Austrian message about Falls infection from Dr. Josef Puhringer, Governor of Upper Austria http://cormembers.cor.europa.eu/?critId=32033 The consequences of this are irreversible. We are all affected by Canadian Conservatives’ decision. This is inhumane, in violation of all known human rights, treaties and laws, and unconstitutionally used on me and the public sector. It is also endangering of our health and safety. Since Stephen Harper promotes slavery, his Conservative Government assigned us bar code numbers, and put us all in electronic wireless cages to be tortured, perhaps we should send Stephen Harper back in time to his pre prime ministerial days, vote him out, and shut down his Conservative Government. And Republicans did the same in the United States. By breaking every conceivable law on our planet, they acquired bio-technological status and high-jacked our lives and bodies. North American Nazi Party consists of two main political systems: Conservatives in Canada and Republicans in the United States. Stephen Harper, Brian Mulroney, Scientology, Mormons Nazi organizations and all others who are involved in these abuses must be put on trial in a criminal court for human rights abuses, constitutional abuses, employment laws abuses, (in 1999 I was not able to find employment in Ontario, Canada, I was therefore forced to commute from Burlington, Ontario, Canada to downtown Buffalo, M & T Bank in the United States), illegal access inside our residences and inside our human bodies, criminal stalking and harassment, constant prodding and poking of our bodies with wireless technologies and sounds, destruction of our health and our physical bodies, for denying us freedom, for preventing us from being employed, destroying our health, theft of information, running illegal mind control experiments on us, [if all of a sudden you want something, but you don’t know why, it means that they had used mind control on you] and taking away our normal lives the way we want to live it and to which we are entitled. These criminals must be punished for these crimes. Financial restitutions must be made to us and we must be disconnected from this torture machine. Boycott everything Scientology/Mormons Nazi Party own. Unexplained deaths – Are you aware that criminals, members of Scientology/Mormons Nazi Party are illegally using wireless psychotronic military technologies in Canada, which are banned for use on civilian population? These technologies are capable to cause serious physical harm to a human body and have the ability to slow-kill, murder people. A person who is being assaulted with these technologies has difficulty breathing, is unable to rest and sleep because of the assaults. It is in fact a wireless gun pointing at us. Harper government knows about it, yet they are doing nothing about it. Human life is not important to Harper’s Conservative government, perhaps it is time to shut them down. Scientology believes that their leader came from a volcano (Satanism), Mormons believe that their leader came from planet Kolob (there is no such thing) (Kolob – pro lobby?). Below are images of volcanos; how can human being come out of that? http://environment.nationalgeographic.com/environment/photos/volcano-general Here is some information about people, members of Scientology Nazi Party in Niagara Falls: If anyone is being wirelessly assaulted with wireless current, wireless electricity, is being wirelessly encased in an electromagnetic field cage, is being assaulted with illegal military Black Ops technologies, is being stalked in person and wirelessly, (is receiving wireless messages even inside public washrooms) and is getting wireless extortion and coercion messages, attempts to sell you street drugs, this is who they are: Cecil and Sybrich Dam, (Dutch) Parklawn Crescent, Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada, their cohorts in the neighbourhood, their son-in-law, a corrupt Caledonia OPP cop, Dams’ daughter, and granddaughter of Fonthill Ontario. They use their victims to practice Satanism, are dangerous, dysfunctional, extremely cruel and destructive. They suffer from Dutch disease. Using wireless illegal technologies they even assault people across the border in the United States. Dutch disease is the belief that women are subservient to men, that women don’t deserve respect. They may also be illegally using computer systems at Niagara Falls, Ontario Seniors’ Community centre for the purposes of input of wireless harassment, and torture programming. Psychotronic weapons are those that act to take away a part of the information which is stored in a human brain. It is sent to a computer, which reworks it to the level needed for those who want to attack, control and slow-kill, murder people, and the modified information is then reinserted into the brain to attack human body. Essentially, that person is staring at a gun barrel ready to kill. This is an entirely new arsenal of military weapons, (intended only to be used by the military on the enemy in time of war but is being illegally used on good citizens, innocent civilians). Psychotronic technology is based on devices designed to introduce subliminal messages and to alter the body’s psychological and physical data-processing capabilities, and is used to incapacitate individuals. These weapons aim to control or alter the psyche, or to attack the various sensory and physical data-processing systems of the human organism. Using latest military technologies illegally they see what we see as in camera and thus steal everything from us! And at what cost to our eyes! Through my eyes, they constantly send me light flashes of various colors: white, red, and blue. Wireless electricity monitoring devices http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/sis.html?_kw=Wireless+Energy+Monitor+for+Tracking+Current+Electricity+Cost Electricity software links: http://www.trace-software.com/ http://info.intacinternational.com/canadian_electrical_companies_demo_page-0-0-0-0?gclid=CLiOhp3J8bsCFVBgMgodkgUAYQ http://www.desco-soft.com/electrician-service-software-free-30-day-trial/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Electrical:+Software&utm_term=ele http://www.designwareinc.com/edison.htmctrical%20software&utm_content=25157507650&gclid=CJ325LnJ8bsCFYlDMgodvk4AlA http://www2.econ.iastate.edu/tesfatsi/electricoss.htm http://sourceforge.net/projects/labvir/ http://easypower.com/products/EasyPower/EasyPower_family.php?gclid=CJ2EyajK8bsCFVBgMgodkgUAYQ http://electrical-engineering-portal.com/download-center/electrical-software The voltage could be high enough to electrocute a person. You can’t see it, but I can feel it; it is harmful to the human body. Are they going to create world-wide electromagnetic storms because of this? Electrical Safety Authority – 1-877-7233 Head Office 155 Matheson Boulevard West, Mississauga, Ontario L5R 3Z5 or, 400 Sheldon Drive, Unit 1, Cambridge, Ontario N1T 2H9 http://www.esasafe.com/contact-us/contact-directory Dams, Hitler’s followers Satanists are unstable, criminals, consider themselves above the law, are grandiose, insolent, they are deranged Satanists, psychotic, uneducated, unintelligent, and yet, they have access into inside our bodies, into our organs and brains. This is a life and death situation; they have a gun pointing at me. I am under constant assault, they, using numerous wireless communication channels and technologies such as RNM constantly send me threatening messages, demanding money from me, constantly ordering me to leave my house. I have asked Harper government numerous times to disconnect me from this wireless murder machine. To date, I have had no response, and Dams and Scientology refuse to leave me alone and refuse to stop this torture. I have sent numerous requests to the Canadian Government to get something done about this situation. To date, I’ve had no response from anyone. I am still waiting. I have a feeling that I am in a Never Never Land. Canadian government is “know nothing”, “see nothing”, “do nothing”, and “say nothing”. It appears that human life is not important to Harper government. Everyone knows about it, television networks know about it, numerous levels of Canadian government and police know about it, but to date, nothing is being done to stop this horrendous crime. Dams have not been arrested. By not arresting them, the mayor and enforcement agencies sent a message that they are bullet proof, and that created monsters and set these bloodthirsty thugs loose on thepopulation. Dams demand constant attention and will do anything to get it at any cost, using any means. Don’t even talk to them, once you do, they will follow you, constantly set you up, cause trouble in your life, steal from you, and never leave you alone; they will stalk you, torment you in person and wirelessly and destroy your life in an effort to make themselves feel better about their own miserable lives. This Dutch family has been stalking me for at least 37 years (that I know about) and has been using illegal military technologies on my whole family, including psychotronics and mind control, I just realized. Dams, Scientology Nazi Party a part of “L” or “One World Men’s Political Movement” cover up their horrific assaults on people by telling their members and victims that they consider people (mostly women and children) “products” for them to use. No such law exists in Canada, United States or anywhere in the world. No country has any such laws. We have extensive human rights and constitutional rights laws in Canada. Anyone who disregards our human rights laws is liable. These organizations are referred to by numerous names such as: “The Family”, “Clear”, “Hair”, “Dutch Disease”, “Free”, “Free sandwich”, “Sharp”, “That’s Crazy”, “David”, “Perfect”, “mystery”, “cute”, “acute”, phantom”, “coffee”, “Perfect Storm”, “your back”, “owl”, “awkward”, “cop”, “cup”, “tick”, “hay”, ‘flies’, “trick, “joke”, “Stockholm”, “binders”, “Esperanto”, “binders of women”, “Free”, “people who make mistakes”, “perfume”, “NIC”, “”Lan”, “Owl”, “Fair”, “the 14 people”, “That’s Crazy”, “Sandwich”, “Uncomfortable”, “phone”, “The elephant in the room”, “Dutch disease”, “hay”, “That’s stupid”, “100” (One world just celebrated a 100 year anniversary of that cult), “S”, “Bs”, “Bees” , “Time”, “interview”, “O.T.”, “Nickel”, “Two for One” meaning two Hitlers for one: David Miscavige (Scientology leader David Miscavige and Mitt Romney, One World, Mormons or LDS, which is another name this organization is using; “One World”, “L” (for L. Zamenhoff, a German who emigrated to Russia and started One World for Men Only organization in 1911, “Ants”, “Ants on a Ladder” , “Ron” reference to Ron Hubbard who started Scientology in Boston over 50 years ago, “Weather Man”, “Pizza man”, “Horse”, “Coffee”, “clock”, “Watch”, “fish bowl”, ‘fishing”, “phishing”; “used to it”, “22” (the day they assassinated president John Kennedy. The bullet that slayed president Kennedy also paralyzed civil rights cause ); “27” the number of years Nelson Mandela spent in prison; “21”, “17; “Cough”,”sandwich”, “Weeds”, “wind”, “Bat man”, “That’s one million”, “Eazy”, (reference to Mitt Romney and his Staples company and Weather Station channel, “The Runaway Train”, “weekend” (meaning: they can, but we can’t) ( and numerous others.) They will destroy, vandalize your property when you are not looking. They are the outcasts of the society. They don’t respect anyone. http://cbc.ca/news/canada/story/2012/12/14/novelty-souvenir-fake-id-cards-minors.html?cmp=rss – fake IDs, some with an elephant logo – same people Scientology Nazi Party organization uses coercion, extortion, blackmail, mind control of population, ritualistic torture, rape and murder to silence opposition to their regime. http://www.vanityfair.com/archive/scientology http://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2012/10/katie-holmes-divorce-scientology Next, Mitt Romney’s Diebold and Hart Intercivic voting machines in Hamilton, Ohio and his hospitals, schools and universities centralized electronic security and military contracts. Are his voting machines being used in Canada? Mitt Romney has a residential property in Grand Bend, Ontario Canada. Peace between countries isn’t good for those who sell military weapons. On September 28, after Larry Flint offered to pay $1 million dollars for Mitt Romney’s income tax return, it has now been revealed that Romney owns the following: The Weather Channel (station is located in Atlanta, Georgia; (is there any connection to the telecom router failure in 1998-1999 which failed in Atlanta, Georgia causing North American telecom outage of all telecom companies? Also, is there any connection to major North American hydro power outages? March 24, 2014 – Former President, Jimmy Carter on David Letterman show: “Atlanta is world’s hub for human trafficking using Atlanta, Georgia airport”. Any connection to newly created Weather Commission? http://wattsupwiththat.com) Where Mormons Meet Scientology (Scientology’s founder was Ron Hubbard). http://blogs.telegaph.co.uk News Religion Damian Thompson http://mysticpolitics.com/xenu-and-kolob-where-mormonism-meet ww.kolobcare.com http://www.radiokolob.com http://www.kolobregional.com http://www.kolobwebstudio.com http://www.kolobwater.com http://www.kolobranch.com http://www.zionnational-park.com/kolob-canyon.htm http://www.uni-heidelberg.de Germany – Mormon cult’s supercomputer http://www.uni-heidelberg.de/presse/news08/pm281127-1kolobe.htm http://www.ita.uni-heidelberg.de/-banerjee http://www.veteranstoday.com/2012/09/02/mitt-romneys-father-was-a-mexican-citizen-when-mitt-was-born/ http://www.huffingtonpost.com/andrew-offenburger/mitt-romney-offshore-citizenship_b_1979983.html http://mysticpolitics.com/xenu-and-kolob-where-mormonism-meet http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1354449/Scientologists-outraged-defectors-claims-human-trafficking-enslavement.html Mitt Romney who also has properties in Canada also owns military contracts, centralized hospital, schools and universities electronic security contracts, Burlington Coat Factory, ToysRus, (ToysRUs owns Kay Bee’s, FAO Schwartz & eToys), Staples, Bain Capital, Diebold Voting Machines, Hart Intercivic voting machines in Hamilton, Ohio; Sealy Corp; Burger King, Staples, Domino Pizza, Accuride, Brookstore, Sports Authority, Artisan Entertainment, TWC – Clear Channel, (Clear Channel owns Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, XM Satellite Radio, Fox Sports Radio, The Premiere (syndicator) Network); Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), Warner Music Group, LinkedIn, Double Clic, http://www.Shopin.com; Surveay Monkey, Finger Hut, Sungard, CNOOC – China Offshore Oil Corporation (offerred to take over UNOCAL (orange “76” logo at California’s gas stations) [Keystone Pipe line is to run from Canada through US mostly Republican states][knock knock – Black Ops], Youku, Sinocism, TenCent, Sensata Technologies – India, OOD, Orio Diepen – Holland (The Netherlands), Sensata Tech- India; Odem Electronics – Israel; Source ESB, Orion Tech – Mormon cult’s mind control – Mormon cult’s Illuminati, http://www.lawmonkeys.com; http://www.whitehorsedc.gov.uk Shut the immigration doors to India. (This is not a racial remark; it is a practical one). They rape their own in India, then they come to other countries and continue to rape everything. That is their culture; they only take; never give. Romney has stocks in companies located in China (commercial and industrial bank), The Netherlands, FLSmidth – machinery company – Denmark; Arcelorrmittal – a steel company in Luxemburg; Komarton – a Japanese machinery company; Abortitron – manufacturers of robots which perform abortions; OdysseyRe – a subsidiary of Toronto, Canada based insurance giant Fairfax Holdings owned by India’s Prem Watsa: Restore Our future, HIG Capital formerly Hort Intercivic voting machines; Salanere – military contracts; Sodexo – food supplier – France; Guitar Centers, Taleo Corp; Youku – China Internet piracy hub; http://www.Sinocism.com; Tencent – China – Internet Education Company; Sensata Technologies owned by Bain Capital – sensor controls for manufacturers in auto, appliance, aircraft, HVAC, circuit breakers – Dominican Republic, Bulgaria, Mexico, China,; Atlero – Massachussets, China, Shanghai; Night Industria OOD, Freeport Illinois, Brazil, Malaysia, Cambridge, MD; Europe, Middle East; Klixon Telecom (SPR, RIS) FAA, PMA – military contracts – Korea, entire USA and Canada. Nexen Resources – Gulf of Mexico; Flame Enterprises, Peerless Electronics, TPS Aviation, Avio Diepen (Holland, Shanzhang – ASLA, Singapore; Check Republic (B/K Nao), Telemeter Electronic – Germany; PRIC – France; SocieteD’ – France; Etudes Tec – France; Patten Air – Italy; Terry Ferrais – Italy; Netherlands (Holland); Ario Diepen – Holland; Charcroft Tech _ India; Edmo – South America – Brazil; FLSmidth – machine company – Denmark; Oden Electronics – Israel, Shanghai, Shenzen; Dimensions – military, marine contracts – St. Paul, MN.; Fidelity Emerging fund. Romney owns stocks in Uniview Technologies – China – supplier of governments’ “Safe Cities” program, advanced monitoring system that allows the authorities to watch over university campuses, hospitals and movie theatres from a centralized command ports(security threat); owns an interest in Huawei – China (both are a threat to our national security). He has a connection to Salarmere Sanford ponzie scheme to Bernie Maadoff. G. Romney sits on the Board of Salarmere; Tagg Romney, Mitt’s son is the president. Salarmere has investments in Goldman Sacs, Cambridge Industries (Bain) & plastics; Plastics News is accessed via Lexis Nexis, has a stake in Salt Lake City Olympics; car components sold to Meridian Automotive System (held 40 US based companies; Tag Insurance, 2150 W. Washington St. San Diego, CA); Ampad DD (Bain owned circuit board maker, Dade Int., medical supply company; The Weather Channel founded in 1995 , licensed by TRUSTe partners with Home Depot, WebMD. Mitt Romney also keeps some of his money in the Cayman Islands. Bain Capital Equity Firm made bids on Los Angeles Times, San Hose Mercury News and the Wall Street Journal. Mitt Romney’s sons: Taggart (recently moved from New York City to San Diego, California- Managing Partner at Solamere Capital , CMO at L.A. Dodgers, Vice President of OnField Marketing at Reebok, Director of Strategic Planning at Elan Corp.; VP of Property Management at Excel Legacy Corp, Product Manager for Microsoft Corp.; Owner of Romney Ventures (a real estate developer), Acquisition Analyst at Intercontinental Real Estate; advisor to his father’s presidential campaign and Utah Governor’s Gary Herbert gubernatorial campaign; Dr. Benjamin Romney-Practices Internal Medicine in Boston; Degree in Management from BYU and a medical degree from Tufts University School of Medicine. Craig Romney-Advertising Music Producer at McGarry Bowen. http://www.thestar.com/opinion/editorialopinion/article/1284586–mitt-romney-can-teach-stephen-harper-much-about-sleazy-politics-hepburn http://www2.macleans.ca/tag/robocalls/ Who owns that call centre? http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread/839690/pg1 http://www.vancouversun.com/business/canadian+owned+company http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/07/17/1111126/-mitt-romney-s http://www.rosennaewolrd.com/blog/2012/04/romney-owned-business http://www.eclectablog.com/2012/06/romneys-bain-capita-ownd http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/11/03/gm-bailed-out-bain //gawker.com/594560/mitt-romneys-family….chinese-companies http://www.brandsonsun.com/national/breaking-news-canadian-owned //forum.prisonplanet.com/under.php?topic=235264 http://www.slate.com/articles/life/faithbased/2007/07/for-the-love-of-xenu.html http://www.us-governmnet- torture.com http://www.RAWSTORY.COM/VS/2011/02/08/PANTAGON-SCIENTOLOGY-AN http://politicker.com/2012/01/did-mitt-romneys-dog-seek-asylum-in-canada Mormon cult’s banks: http://thefoundationoflife.blogspot.com/2009/11/mormon-bank.html – Foundationforlife http://www.mormoncurtain.com/topic_kirtlandbank.html- Kirtland Bank http://www.exmormon.org/mormon/mormon638.htm – money laundering http://www.bankownedproperties.org/bankhomes/ARIZONA/COCONINO/. http://www.mormonstruth.org/bank.html http://www.scari.org/mormon-hapless.html http://notamormon.blogspot.com/2011/05/mormon-bank-in-violation… Mormon Nazi organization has not disclosed their finances since 1958 that means the organization has not paid any taxes since 1958. Yet they have City Creek Center Project, Silver LEED; Property Reserve, Inc; Coporation of the President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons don’t believe in Jesus Christ, why the name?) , Thropology, Taubman Centers, Inc; City Creek Reserve, Inc; (reserve?!); (Harmon Grocery Store, Cowboy Partners; Thropology, Nordstrom, Macy’s; Tiffany& Co; Michael Kors; Coach; Texas de Brazil; Churrascaria). http://www.downtownvising.com/index.php/city-credd-center http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/news/53709866-78/creek-center-construction-lake.html.csp http://www.pbs.org/wnet/religionandethics/episodes/november-6-2009/city-creek-center-4854 Romney has shares in Suisse the Swiss bank; Delitavite Japanese securities; ORION Tech – Mormon mind control technologies; Fowler Software Design. (His father was MKKYltra mind control experiments handler). – Mormon Illuminati – City Creek Center Project. Glen Hubbard is Romney’s Economic Adviser. Donations to “churches” such as Scientology, Mormons or Jehovah Witnesses, Bhai do not qualify for income tax deductions; this is the Nazi Party which encompasses numerous cults including Scientology, Mormons, Jehova’s Witnesses, Bhai and numerous other Nazi Party and “One World Men’s Political Movement”, “The Family” snake cults. Also, in Canada, if someone donates money to an institution, that individual gets to deduct 50% from his/her earnings; that means that in doing so he or she forces taxpayers to pay the other half. And what is Scientology and Mormom connection to ALEC organization which changes United States’ laws state by state bypassing Washington?! Are they doing the same in Canada? Then we have internal domestic terrorism, abuses of civil liberties, human trafficking, betting on human lives, psychotronic wireless slow-kill murder machine which creates electromagnetic circuits and surrounds people with wireless current, wireless electricity, encapsulates human bodies in an invisible wireless electromagnetic cages, wireless electricity, wireless current, which in fact are and extension of Poland’s Auschwitz 49 personal concentration camps. I am Polish. Because of what happened to Poland then, we are now in this situation. Poland has been a raped country from both sides for centuries. Poland’s boundaries kept constantly changing. Restitutions to Poland had never been made; Poland had never been compensated for her losses. The attackers have never been punished. But that wasn’t enough for the invaders; they kept viciously hunting us across the globe, attacking us intending to kill off all Polish people in the world. And because everyone chose to remain silent and look the other way thinking that it would not affect them, the rapes continued. Nobody reported publicly about what was going on, there have never been any reports in the newspapers or magazines; there had never been any movies made about the most horrendous abuses of Polish people, and now we all pay a price for that decision. This is the most horrendous war crime against our whole humanity. Everything they can do to any product, they can do to people and worse! They consider us their “products” and thus their properties from which they profit. They are using us for illegal broadband connections using our bodies as usb ports for a mass money laundering world operation using information within our bodies and brains! In 2005 Scientology members kidnapped an Alberta woman politician whose job they wanted, put her in the trunk of a car, and took her to Las Vegas. She somehow managed to escape and to return home. When she showed up at work, they arrested her, forced her to go to Scientology psychiatrist and forced her to take needless prescription drugs. And they got away with it. This information came from Toronto Star newspaper article. Through Scientology wireless psychotronic programming, they torture me day and night by sending me numerous painful signals to my body such as pancreas, kidneys, all over my body, extremely painful signals to the bottom of my spine, needle type signals into my eyes and all over my body; they constrict my throat, (this tightening in my throat is in fact a wireless dog collar – that’s why Scientology constantly plays dog barking sounds for days in communities) it is very difficult to breathe; I get hits to chest, they attack my stomach and it hurts all the time, put knots into my leg muscles; my whole body aches because I don’t have any relief from these vicious attacks. Their supercomputer sends rape signals to my genitals; tingling signals to both of my legs, itching in various parts of my body, sometimes all over, through my head, in difficult to reach areas such as inside my ears; I neither have any rest, peace, or sleep. I have never been a Scientology member, and until 1997 I didn’t even know they existed. Scientology programmed their wireless psychotronic attacks on me specifically for each location and even specific to each room in my house. The attacks differ from room to room. – Psychotronic wireless murder technologies – Psychotropic prescription drugs – Psychiatric medical methodologies – this is premeditated murder, intent, genocide. They send me numerous messages using numerous wireless communication channels simultaneously and using numerous technologies. Some of the messages recently are: “We are neighbors”, “you are a Pole, you don’t deserve to live”, “shut up”, “we’ll keep harassing you until you are a vegetable”, “we don’t respect you”, “we love you”, “consensual” , “ event”, “harassing each other”, “program”, “ritual”, “we protect you’, “legal”, “we support you”, “we are listening to each other”, “Canadian”, “we respect you”, we protect each other”, “ritual”, “product”, “reality show”, “we are attacking you”, “mind control”, “company”, “get out of here” , “leave us” (they are illegally wirelessly in my own house), “issue”, or “mom”, “we are listening to each other”, “don’t worry about it”, “visit”, “our customers are doing this”. Who are their customers who are also illegally wirelessly in my house, my body and stalk me constantly? They send cigarette smoke, gas, skunk smells into my work area, or, use wireless technology on my brain to make me smell cigarette smoke, move my body parts etc. I am under constant assault day and night. It is worse at home, because my neighbors, Cecil and Sybrich Dam also attack me out of their house next door and in person, physically trespass onto my property damaging it. I feel technologies around me all the time. It never stops. When I attempt to block them off and put in special ear plugs to minimize the effect of their incessant messages, they then reprogram messages, their computer knows that I put in ear plugs in my ears, and it then sends messages directly to my skull using different wireless communication channels to further torture me. Scientology people drive around with wireless portable devices in their vehicles, attack and murder people, then pass it of as natural causes. Scientology police use cell phone guns, illegally for the purposes to intentionally harm people: http://www.snopes.com/crime/warnings/cellgun.asp http://www.thewe.cc/contents/more/archive/sound_as_weapon.html http://www.alternet.org/story/151864/6_creepy_new_weapons_the_police_and_military_use_to_subdue_unarmed_people http://solution-nine.com/Wireless_Application_Protocol http://www.masternewmedia.org/broadband_networking/personal http:/mindcontrolwiki.com/assassin-protocol http://mindcontrolblackassassins.com/?s=whitney+houston http://eassurvey.wordpress.com/2008/08/27/…abuse-and-mind-control htp://truthmovement.com/?tag=mind-control http://vaticproject.blogspot.ca/2012/07/visiting-protocols-enlightening-journey.html http://www.tanita.com/en/bc1000 – Human body composition monitor http://abetternews.com/…Bc_10000_Ant+_Wireless_Body_Composition – Human body networking http://www.www.thisissant.com/wht-ant-how-ant-compares -Dynastream Innovations Inc., They are using our bodies illegally without our knowledge or consent as connection USB port http://www.slideshare.net/dodaankur2006/human-area-networksads http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Body_modification http://transition.fcc.gov/oet/rfsafety/rf-faqs.html http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1367046/posts http://www.pcworld.com/…/microsoft_patents_bodyasnetwork.html – Taggart Romney is Microsoft’s Product Manager http://www.ibtimes.com/hairy-crazy-ants-invade-american-south-florida-texas-321136 http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/10/01/hairy-crazy-ants-invade-f_n_990185.html http://www.desertmuseum.org/invaders/invaders_fireant.php http://www.kxan.com/dpp/news/local/austin/crazy-ants-invade-central-south-texas http://www.yourhoustonnews.com/ranch/news/crazy-ants-invading-katy/article_6e6f802a-87ac-541f-8707-96743974e4be.html Not only do we have technological ants forced protocols assaults, we also have imported red ants invasions which threaten economies not only in the US and Canada, but also worldwide in all countries because of them. And they did it for an event. http://www.naturalnews.com/006276.html http://www.freshpatents.com/…and-module-using-human-body... http://blogs.cisco.com/…uses_human_body_for_broadband_networking http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread128339/pg1 http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/biz/archives/2005/03/20/2003247076 http://hetechjournal.com/…human-arm-at-broadband-speeds.xhtml http://www.economist.com/node/2876950?story_id=2876950 Patent #6,754472 http://www.freshpatents.com/…and-module-using-human-body…: http://www.findingdulcinea.com/news/on-this-day/July-August-08/On-this-Day–Nazis-Ban-All-Other-Political-Parties.html http://www.buzzle.com/articles/nerves-of-the-body.html http://www.essortment.com/cell-transport-human-body-63213.html http://people.eku.edu/ritchisong/301notes1.htm http://www.wirelessweek.com/News/Feeds/2012/05/wireless-ericsson-could-turn-you-into-a-human-usb-connectio/ Scientology Defectors Speak Out and Investigations into this Nazi Satanic cult: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/nationworld/2011277347_scientology07.html http://www.tampabay.com/news/scientology/article1023717.ece http://www.monstersandcritics.com/people/news/article_1484955.php/High_level_Scientology_defectors_expose_David_Miscavige_and_cult_practices http://www.religionnewsblog.com/23541/scientology-defectors-recount-abuses http://gawker.com/5328446/scientology-leader-david-miscavige-still-a-scary-insane-psychopath http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1354449/Scientologists-outraged-defectors-claims-human-trafficking-enslavement.html http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/02/08/tom-cruise-scientology-under-fbi-investigation_n_820250.html http://rockcenter.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/08/16/13312825-families-question-scientology-linked-drug-rehab-after-recent-deaths?lite http://www.jewishjournal.com/thegodblog/item/new_yorkers_massive_investigation_into_scientology_20110207/ http://technorati.com/lifestyle/article/new-investigation-into-scientology-offers-scathing/ http://news.softpedia.com/news/FBI-Launches-Investigation-into-Church-of-Scientology-for-Human-Trafficking-183303.shtml http://www.theatlanticwire.com/national/2011/02/scientology-slave-labor-beatings-and-an-fbi-investigation/21198/ http://www.radaronline.com/exclusives/2012/07/scientology-president-son-death-search-warrants-investigation http://http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Snow_White http://la.curbed.com/archives/2011/05/council_wants_investigation_into_scientologys_kcet_studios_site.php http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/2012/03/scientology_fbi_investigation_over.php http://en.wikinews.org/wiki/Senator_Xenophon_of_Australia_calls_for_criminal_investigation_into_Scientology http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/2011/10/south_park_trey_parker_matt_stone_scientology_investigation.php http://www.nyphttp://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/religion/8309698/Church-of-Scientology-investigated-by-FBI.htmlost.com/p/news/national/feds_investigating_church_of_scientology_kSbGUtASusUvxedbpIUgKM http://en.wikinews.org/wiki/Scientology_defector_arrested_after_attempting_to_leave_organization http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/07/us/07scientology.html?pagewanted=all http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2010/03/more-scientology-defectors-alleging-violence/ http://article.wn.com/view/2010/03/07/Scientology_defectors_speak_out/ http://www.religionnewsblog.com/25688/fbi-investigating-scientology-defectors-say http://www.religionnewsblog.com/25688/…scientology-defectors-say http://abcnews.go.com/US/scientology-official-criticizes-church/story?id=15304739#.UCqF3aAUW8o http://www.sanfranciscosentinel.com/?p=63231 http://www.irishexaminer.com/breakingnews/ireland/scientology-defectors-to-address-conference-in-dublin-557382.html http://nytimes.com/2010/03/07/us07scientology.html http://www.scientology-cult.com/paul-higgis.html http://www.sptimes.com/2006/08/18/Tampabay/Scientology__an_elect.shtml http://www.xenu.net/news/20120610-Insolvent.html – Scientology insolvent in Norway http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/sudbury/story/2011/11/14/sby-coroners-new-office.html Then this: 77 people were killed in 2011 in Norway massacre. After that attack, Norway put Scientology Nazi Party into bankruptcy. http://howardroark31.wordpress.com/2013/01/16/nbc-rock-center-scientology-creates-atmosphere-of-fear-says-going-clear-author-lawrence-wright http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/paul-haggis-scientology-nbc-rock-center-lawrence-wright-412364 http://www.nbcwashington.com/entertainment/entertainment-news/Paul-Haggis-on-Scientology-Its-A-Cult-187289271.html United Nations on transnational organized crime and human trafficking information: http://www.walnet.org/CSIS/UN-TRAFFICK.PDF Church?! What church?! It is a Nazi party. http://odccp.org/crime_cicp_convention.html….fine http://www.unodc.org http://www.childtrafficking.com/Docs/jordan_ihrlg_2003... http://www.iwar.org.uk/…/resources/transnational-crime/gj11.htm http://www.un.org/events/10thcongress/2088b.htm http://www.nplc.lt/sena/links/eng/international-org.htm http://asia.cnet.com/ericsson-wants-to-turn-you-into-a-human-usb-connection-62215212.htm http://techphilosophers.wordpress.com/2012/05/14/ericsson-could-turn-you-into-a-human-usb-connection-next-year http://www.palowireless.com/infotooth/tutorial/n7_hid.asp http://ca.mouser.com/supplierpage/? See also recent articles at: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1372538/Are-government-microwave-mind-control-tests-causing-TV-presenters-brains-melt-down.html http://www.tampabay.com/news/article1012324.ece http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/jun/22/scientology-leader-attacked-staff-allegation http://livenews.com.au/entertainment/scientology-leader-violent-former-officials/2009/6/22/210725 http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/2009/06/scientologys_le.php http://www.examiner.com/topic/psychotronic-terrorism/articles http://www.haaretz.com/news/four-top-doctors-arrested-over-illegal-human-experimentation-1.200939 http://www.raven1.net http://www.rich-essence.com http://www.goliathboards.com/users5/gerryduffett/index.cgi http://www.stopcovertwar.com/enter2.html http://www.stop-predatory-gangstalking.net Scientology uses wireless psychotronic and wireless predictive mind control technologies, by illegally accessing human brains, our medical and private information wirellessly, (without our consent or informed knowledge) using person’s health and brain information. They, through the use of illegal wireless military technologies have all our information: pin numbers, credit card numbers, social security numbers, bank account numbers, passport and visa information, our tax returns, how much money each of us has, where we live, our credit line, how much money we owe, our telephone numbers, who we talk to-they listen to our conversations, what we think, read, see, type, paint, create such as music, write and say, regardless of the security that had been installed at the universities, residences, government departments, or private businesses, including courts, hospitals, elections and law firms (they bypass all security, and there is absolutely no security in hospitals) ; (all of it is now in the hands of this the most dangerous world’s hate terrorist organization, stored on their hard drives). They have the ability to wirellessly alter all of the above. We need to find out where their equipment is located, where these hard drives are and destroy all of Scientology and Mormom psychotronic and mind control technologies, shut them down completely. They are too dangerous. This is world’s biggest technological epidemic, millions of people are suffering, yet it is unacknowledged and unrecognized by the authorities and no provisions have been made by our governments to protect the victims and to stop this torture and murders. Scientology stole and copied our memories and knowledge, stored them on wireless technological servers or Clouds, and are using that information for the purposes of stalking, psychotronic torture including using EMF overhead radiation, and other psychotronic methods connected us with reels to supercomputers which listen and learn for the purposes of further torture attacks, using “yes”/”no” or “good cop, bad cop” technique, in essence taking out the middle, the person. http://www.salzburg.gv.at/Proceedings_(15)_Sage_2.pdf http://www.centroconsumatori.it/download/35v1261d1344.pdfhttp://www.yshield.com.au/yshield-downloads/Mobile-phone-base-stations. They didn’t just store our memories and knowledge on one technological Cloud, they used Scatter technologies and scattered that information all over the technological world. They assigned us barcodes or I.Ps, human GPS. In 1980s Brian Mulroney, Canada’s former Conservative Party prime minister approved bar codes for Canadian people without informing us. He called it Common Sense Revolution. We have been branded against the law. The consequences are immeasurable. http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/article/636672–mulroney-s-tax-break-revealed Brian Mulroney’s 50 million dollar lawsuit against Canadian taxpayers, and 2.1 million dollars for his legal and PR costs http://www.cbc.ca/fifth/unauthorizedchapter/mulroney.html http://crimesagainsthumanity-clh.blogspot.ca http://jwcn.eurasipjournals.com/content/2011/1/786903 – Illegal Human Body Networking – BAN http://journals.humankinetics.com/jab-in-press/jab-in-press – Applied Biomechanics http://www2.ohchr.org/english/bodies/petitions/index.htm – Complaints of Human Rights Violations We would not be tortured and manipulated in a properly functioning legal, judicial, political and social system. Brian Mulroney’s Montreal Norton Rose Law Firms’ telephone number is 514 8474779; fax is 514-2865474; email brian.mulroney@nortonrose.com. In Canada, Scientology does not have a ‘church status’; it is considered, and recognized in Canadian criminal courts as a criminal terrorist organization! Much of it is kept form Canadians in various cover up situations. Canada’s current Canada’s prime minister, Steven Harper also publicly supports Scientology Nazi Party criminal Corporation. The question is why? Canada’s former Prime Minister, Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau once said: “The state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation”. Excerpt from “The Hidden Pierre Elliot Trudeau” – 18 contributors to this book: “In classical Liberal theory, the market belongs in the private sphere, hence the term “private property”; and the state has no more business sticking its nose in the boardrooms of the nation than it has in the bedroom”. First Scientology attacked Poland, then Ireland, former Czechoslovakia, former Yugoslavia, Greece, California, and Canada, forced them into bankruptcy, and now they are going for the throats of all world’s taxpayers! There is no doubt in my mind that they are passing the costs of psychotronic and other harassment and terrorist attacks on the population, onto the taxpayers. Scientology is also listed as a nonprofit under REJ Church of Scientology Dellas and Corporacion Centro de Dianetica Scientology. http://educate-yourself.com http://mindcontrolvictims.eu http://surveillanceissues.com http://www.multistalkervictims.org – they are not actually stalking us, it is not actually stalking (they are stalking us as well); however, we are wirellessly connected to psychotronic computer servers, murder machines, which are making it look as if there are numerous people, when in fact, the programmers programmed psychotronic computer servers which are wirellessly connected to us to use numerous sounds, i.e. male, female, children’s voices; also, they are attaching themselves to all sounds at random, all numbers and words, then follow with a wireless hit to our bodies, usually painful, or signal to the genital area, at random as well, even when we urinate, and even in public washrooms in the stalls – anywhere we are located. Sites about psychotronic information: http://tortureprevention.net http://freedomfchs.com http://stalkingvictims.com http://stoporgazizedstalking.org http://gangstalkingworld.com http://psycholigicalharrassment.com http://freedomfightersamerica.com http://targetedindividuals.blogspot.com http://freedomfightersofamerica.com http://www.multistalkervictims.org/catchcanada http://pursuingtruthtv.com http://fedame.org http://preventivetechnologies.com http://matrixenergetics.com/pip.aspx http://commondreams.org http://neurosearch.gk http://PIPS.com http://stoppeg.com/peoplecookers.html http://stodewnit.html http://forum.prisonplanet.com http://mindcontrolusa.com http://fortheloveoftheworld.com http://www.apfn.org/apfn/HAARP.htm – capable of weather changes, hurricanes, instant lightning Most of the human body assault technologies were created and applied for patents by India’s technological scientists. Now, it appears the names on p
  3. Jessica Wallace second email says:
    Elections fraud. I am sending you 2 emails; they contain names and addresses of people who are involved in mob, gang stalking and form one mob. They will lead you to others. Please distribute, forward to ALL; your life and your future depends on it. RE: Medical emergency, virtual kidnapping, virtual abduction, wireless stalkers, wireless squatters, technical suffocation, conspiracy to murder, medical fraud, a threat to life, brain damage, medi-tech torture and rape, gang stalking, extortion, hate crime, domestic terrorism, trespassing, medical malpractise, criminal harassment, invasion of privacy, brutal persecution, forced confinement, loss of security, forced confinement, theft on all levels including the most intimate and private information, abuse of power. Interference with economic gain. This is Canadian Holocaust. —————————————————————————————— UPDATE Tradurre превеждам tłumaczyć traduire http://translate.google.com/ ——————————————————- UNEDITED (I am under brutal wireless and in person attack by cutthroat Scientology Satanic Nazi cult and Scientology police (militia) neighbours; I am being tortured; also they keep accessing my computer files, deleting text, moving text around.) Please forward this information to Laurentian Elites. They got us through two wars, World War I, and World War II, they will get us through this. In case they have not informed you, Scientology Satanic Nazi cult is surrounded. Scientology Satanic cult Nazi leader, David Miscavige is dead. Our people and world’s Law Enforcement agencies have entered the Upper Echelon of the organization. Collection notices went out to confiscate all assets. All Source contracts are being cancelled. You can now start singing; go publically and disclose what you know about this BEAST; you must name them; I do; people must know what is going on. World authorities are now in the process of shutting down One World for men only organization and Mitt Romney’s involvement in it. Our people and world’s Law Authorities, telecoms and Security authorities have now moved onto Mitt Romney’s ”L” or “One World” for men only organization. UNEDITED (I am under brutal wireless and in person assault, I am being tortured- nonstop over four years now, and numerous times over the past at least 50 years.) April 1, 2014 A situation exists in hospitals of which perhaps you are not aware. Nurses, patients and visitors are being assaulted with wireless current, psychotronic military technologies; doctors run illegal wireless psychotronic experiments out of hospitals, out of their residences, give wireless access to our bodies to others without our knowledge or consent etc. Below is email I’ve sent. I am sending you two emails. These emails are now in the hands of 431 major Canadian hospitals’ CEOs and LHINs. These hospitals received A+, A, B, C, D and unrated ratings by CBC. Justin Trudeau hired a team of economists to help Quebec with its economy. ———————————————————————————————————- Below is email I’ve sent to Stephen Harper and a copy to all members of Parliament and senate again. ———————————————————————————————————- June 17, 2013 RE: Medical Emergency, a Threat to Life What have you done, Harper?! Have you encased me in a wireless psychotronic Poland’s Auschwitz 49 electromagnetic concentration camp cage, and are now attacking me with BlackOps attacks, wireless current, wireless electricity because you are running out of pension funds; and now you are trying to murder me with the help from domestic terrorists, my neighbors, their cohorts all members of Scientology?! Is that why several decades ago, Brian Mulroney and Conservative government, illegally assigned me a bar code, which is now being sold by my neighbours, unintelligent, uneducated people, members of Scientology Nazi Party Satanic cult?! Using my human body frequency, they have been giving wireless access to my brain, organs and body to others, subjecting me to extreme cruelty, torture, pain, and wireless hatred attacks day and night. They ambushed me, tied my hands behind my back and proceeded to rape me. And they did this to me at all my previous residences: Hamilton, Ancaster, Burlington, Hamilton again, Dundas, Stoney Creek and now at Niagara Falls. They ambushed me at all those locations, used psychotronics and wireless electricity on me at all locations. It has been proven that those who live close to electromagnetic fields such as hydro and cell towers have more cancers than the rest of the population. Also, these kinds of attacks cause high blood pressure, which in turn, can cause kidney failure. Who authorized this?! Intent to maim and kill was established as soon as illegal wireless connection from your psychotronic slow-kill supercomputer to my body was established by the Conservative government. Through illegal assignment of a bar code, Conservatives took away human dignity from me. Through the assignment of a bar code, physical damage was done to my brain stem and that can be proven. I now have a technological gun pointing at my brain. And we paid for it through our taxes. We would not be tortured in properly functioning political, social and justice system. They have access to our thoughts, record them and sell that information. It is obvious that Conservatives did not consider the effects of their decisions would have on our health, safety, human dignity, privacy, ability to support oneself, and on the economy and therefore, they are liable. Scientology members are sending me messages that I don’t deserve to live because I am Polish, and that they intend to exterminate my whole family. They also sent me, downloaded a Himler dream to my brain. They programmed Conservative’s psychotronic Nazi extermination, murder machine to send me “Hitler” messages every time I swallow. How did stupid, uneducated people get access to my brain, my thoughts, organs and body? Who authorized this?! High doses of microwaves can damage the functioning of internal organs, control behaviour or even drive victims to suicide. This is extreme cruelty and a hate crime. This is in violation of all known human rights, treaties, laws and unconstitutionally used on me and the public sector, and it is contrary to Canadian criminal code. It is endangering my health, safety, privacy and it is a breach of a privilege. Because of Conservatives’ decision to assign me a bar code and attach me to a psychotronic slow-kill, Nazi extermination machine, you have destroyed my life, my career, my ability to earn a living and support myself, sleep, rest and live my life the way I am entitled to live it. I am unable to sleep, breathe properly, there is a tightness in my chest, tightness in my throat; I am being technologically raped, my body is constantly being accessed, and numerous messages are constantly being sent to me using RNM, V2K, DEW, ELF, Sigint, VDI, EBL, Silent Sound, 3D speech and sound and numerous other wireless military technologies intended only to be used by the military on the enemy in time of war; not on law abiding civilian population. I informed all of you over three years ago. To date, I’ve had no response from anyone. Conservatives did nothing to respond to an emergency. I want to know how did unstable, stupid, uneducated people, members of a Satanic cult, Nazi Party Scientology get wireless access to my body?! Of all the things we protect, Conservatives left our most valued possession, our brains wide open, exposed to invasion. This is negligence by Conservative government, the police, our justice system, hospitals, pharmaceuticals and doctors. They fraudulently pass of vicious technological assaults as physical and mental ailments. And now they are teaching their children and grandchildren, hatred, Satanism, how to disrespect, use, murder and assault people. They are creating another generation of haters. They have been using psychotronics and COAST, a criminal arm of police forces, which is controlled by Scientology Nazi Party. They attack us, and pass all costs onto us through taxation, especially for the past ten years. They are a menace to public health. COAST MUST be shut down in all provinces. When COAST attacks, they don’t just come in one police car, instead, six or seven police cars show up. They abduct people, take them to Scientology corrupt doctors to use them as guinea pigs for illegal, unauthorized medical and pharmaceutical experiments in hospitals using unapproved drugs. Those involved receive commissions for these experiments and attacks. During past ten years, COAST kidnapped me six times using corrupt cops and doctors, and attempted to do it again numerous other times. After the sixths time, I obtained reports, tabulated costs and discovered that those six attacks cost Canadian taxpayers over a million dollars. That is why our justice costs are so high; they are abusing the system through COAST. They also submit illegal invoices at $45 for “visitation” of patients in hospitals under SEEN. They illegally modified ProMED medical computer software which has been customized to automatically order a battery of unnecessary tests. It has nothing to do with patient safety, it has to do with revenue billing, and thus results in false billing, medical fraud. Agnes Ancio worked as a nurse in hospitals, her doctor is Dr. Ado who works at Morrison Walk-In Clinic, Niagara Falls. I have reason to believe that Cecil and Sybrich Dam have been attacking Niagara Falls community members for decades, as long as they have lived in Niagara Falls; have been organizing mobs, members of Scientology not only to attack me, but numerous other members of the community, and extorting money from them as well. The attacks are done not only through programming of psychotronic extermination supercomputers; but also by organized individuals, in person using wireless technologies and mobs. Also involved in these attacks is another employee of Niagara Falls Library systems. There are equivalents to COAST police/medical organizations in all countries. And there are many other individuals in the same situation. They kidnapped me from my own residence each time. Once, they drilled right through my front door lock to get inside. Another time, the police dragged me out of my own home while I was still in my night gown. Another time, they dragged me out of my house without my shoes. Then COAST mob kept throwing stones, food and cigarettes at my front door and windows, and kept ringing my door bell, when I refused to let them in. They are using all attacks on us in illegal wirelessly recorded “reality shows”, ‘”events”, idiotic street theatre for purposes of distraction while they steal our money. They are passing the costs onto the taxpayers, while making profits and not declaring revenues to Canadian Revenue Agency. There is also very serious abuse of tax money through every two weeks money downloads to hospitals. Hospitals abuse that setup by keeping a patient for two weeks, then transferring that patient to another hospital within their health system, then to yet another and so on and so on….. Using illegal psychotronic military technologies, Scientology members, people who live next door to me and their cohorts have been making death threats and extorting, demanding money from me. They torture me day and night. Most recently, they murdered Peter Kormos, former Welland’s NDP MP who publicly exposed them on television for allowing their people who are not police officers, to impersonate police, to dress in police uniforms and drive in police cars. And now, they murdered Elijaji Harper, using wireless psychotronic military technologies which are illegal for them to own. Elijaji Harper Aboriginal leader who was also a Manitoba MLA who stopped Meech Lake Accord, after which Canadians forced Brian Mulroney out of office. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/story/2013/05/17/mb-elijah-harper-condolences-storify-winnipeg.html Not only are they attacking and stalking nurses in hospitals, but also patients and visitors, using psychotronic technologies of mass destruction. How did they get access to our bodies? How did they copy our memories and knowledge?! And where is that information stored, on Conservatives’ supercomputers? Psychotronic technology is based on devices designed to introduce subliminal messages and to alter the body’s psychological and physical data-processing capabilities, and is used to incapacitate individuals. These weapons aim to control and alter the psyche, and attack various sensory and physical data processing systems of a human body. This accounts for many unexplained deaths. Through Conservatives’ and Scientology wireless psychotronic programming, they torture me day and night by sending me numerous painful signals to my body such as pancreas, my brain, kidneys, all over my body, extremely painful signals to the bottom of my spine, needle like signals to my eyes, head and all over my body constantly. I am not able to rest, I have no peace, security or privacy because of Conservatives decision to assign Canadians barcodes, IPs, or human GPS. Wireless signals pass through the skin, through body tissue and into the organs; this is assault. We are now being hunted like animals. They call us products. Using their wireless technologies they read our minds. These people are unable to feel empathy, sympathy for people; they hate everyone, including their own. They send gas smells into the area where I am located. I am constantly being stalked and assaulted day and night. But it wasn’t enough that Conservatives and Scientology Nazi Party did this to us. You, Conservatives, and Brian Mulroney, according to your ideology also decided to shove it into our faces. In 1987 Conservatives approved that Ontario Lottery Gaming Corporation establish another lottery – 6/49. Number “6” stands for Satanism, number “49” stands for Poland’s Auschwitz concentration camps; except this time, it is individual concentration camps electromagnetic cages, wireless current, wireless electricity, into which Conservative government put us and your people are now hunting us like animals, demanding, extorting money from us. And true to their “in your face” ideology, OLG 6/49 Lotto commercials state: “Welcome to Cloud 649” – translation: “Welcome to Nazi concentration camp, welcome to Auschwitz”. 6/49 lottery is also threatening people through their commercials using police: “Stay Clear, stay safe”. Ontario Power Generation is doing the same thing; same commercial. Then there is this: Quebec lottery 49, and Western lottery 6/49. And if this lottery’s programming code is in Chinese, how do you know that they are not cheating? In 1987 Mulroney’s government cancelled long form Census because they had already assigned us bar codes, illegally attached us to psychotronic Nazi extermination supercomputers, they were already able to read our minds, and collect all information on us, therefore they did not require us to fill out Census forms. They already had all information on us. Where are they getting wireless current?! Who is supplying wireless electricity to them?! How much information have they illegally extracted from people, stolen from us over the past several decades?! What have their private profits have been from this?! Brian Mulroney assigned us, illegally human wireless tracking GPS, bar codes and called it a “common sense revolution”. And we paid for it through taxes without our knowledge or permission. I think it is time to show Conservatives what common sense revolution means to the country. Millions, if not billions of people are suffering because of Conservatives decision to track us like animals and use wireless military psychotronics on Canadian population. Wireless current, wireless electricity has the ability to break human bones. Where are people who live next door to me getting wireless current, wireless electricity which they use to attack me?! These people are sadists and sociopaths. We are human beings, not Mitt Romney’s ToysRUs toys. I am not a criminal, I am a law abiding citizen who emigrated from Poland in 1962, and who has been contributing to the society. In 1962 Conservatives were also in power, and there wasn’t any help available for immigrants; I was 16, I couldn’t speak English and I was on my own. I want to know what are you doing about, what is your Conservative government doing about it. If you think that you can keep this quiet, you cannot. Last year, I, alone have sent out 300,000 – (50 page) detailed emails, and $40,000 dollars-worth of faxes across the globe. And millions of people are doing the same. It is very apparent that human life is not important to the Conservative government. This will cost you your next election, Harper. We stopped Mitt Romney, despite vicious attacks and despite the fact that he spent $400 million dollars on his election, owns voting machines, owns electronic companies, owns a military company and has military contracts, owns a company which produces abortion robots, owns Linkedln, has our illegal human GPS, HAARP weather technologies and owns Weather Station (Sandy storm?), owns Staples, Burger King, Domino Pizza, Dollar Stores, “Hell’s Kitchen” Television show; owns ArcelorMittal a steel company in Hamburg, Germany, has the ability to download our thoughts, stole our memories and knowledge, owns centralized electronic security within hospitals and universities, has Mormons’ supercomputer in Germany, and uses mass mind control on population; we will stop you as well Harper. Jessica Wallace, 7055 Parklawn Crescent, Niagara Falls, Ontario L2G 5B8 905 356 9836 ———————————————————————— This part was added to emails sent to the public. ———————————————————————— How wealthy are Stephen Harper and Brian Mulroney? What does each own? Brian Mulroney had the audacity to sue Canadian taxpayers for $25 million after we ousted him out of office. Stephen Harper had the audacity to spend $25 million on one panda at a time when Canada’s financial situation is in jeopardy. Native Indians do not have enough food and proper shelter, but Harper chooses to spend money on a panda. Does he have private contracts from China in return? It must be publicly disclosed what each of them owns and how they acquired those assets. National Post reported on August 2, 2013 that Stephen Harper transferred his assets to his wife, Laureen. Laureen Harper liquefied the portfolio she held through broker Raynold James Ltd., that was partially composed of publically traded stocks. There was no indication which stocks were held in her name, exactly when she decided to sell them, or where the money went. Stephen Harper declared no assets for 2012, suggesting that the couple’s stock investments were made in Laureen Harper’s name. Prime minister’s office refused to give any further information. But regardless, in Canada, he owns half of what his wife owns. And according to Canadian laws, he does have to have assets in order to be a prime minister. Senators are required to own $4,000 in assets. If Senators are required to have at least $4,000 in assets, so does Canada’s Prime Minister. If Stephen Harper declared to have no assets, that alone disqualifies him. If Stephen Harper and his Conservatives have been able to read Canadian taxpayers’ minds for decades, perhaps someone can arrange it so that Canadian taxpayers will be able to read Stephen Harper’s and other Conservatives’ minds. Does that also mean that Stephen Harper’s paycheques are being fraudulently deposited into his wife’s account? Stephen Harper spends 26 million of taxpayers’ money a year on body guards. Isn’t this a tax evasion? Have Harpers received any gifts from corporation? What is Canada’s prime minister, Stephen Harper attempting to hide? All this information must be disclosed to Canadian taxpayers. From book “The Lexus and the Olive Tree” by Thomas L. Friedman: “In 1997 Thailand elected the cleanest, most democratic party in the country and passed radical anticorruption constitution. The new Thai constitution mandated for the first time that Thai politicians would have to declare their personal assets before and after leaving office and would be subject to impeachment if more than 50,000 votes signed a petition seeking a corruption investigation into their affairs. The constitution was aimed at ending the Thai practice of buying votes to win office and then using the office to make enough money to pay for the votes bought. It also guaranteed press freedoms against court orders for closure. It is obvious that this must now be done in Canada. Are Harpers as wealthy as Mitt Romney? This information must be disclosed to the public. Brian Mulroney’s son, Ben Mulroney, on August 2, 2013, on his eTalk Hollywood television show announced: “ That’s not a carry-on luggage you are carrying. The more zombies the better”. And he laughed about it. Translation: Illegal wireless connections of people to psychotronic slow kill murder, torture supercomputers, using wireless current, wireless electricity on people, and illegally turning people into wireless technological slaves, putting them into Nazi wireless electromagnetic cages, destroying their lives, slavery, which his father imposed on Canadians, and stealing from Canadians is the way to go. Does his employer know about Ben Mulroney’s views? His contract must be cancelled. As of August 2013, Ben Mulroney’s assets are $11 million dollars. Complete information regarding both Canadian prime minister Stephen Harpers’ and former Canadian prime minister Brian Mulroney’s assets must be publically disclosed. To cover up human rights crisis in Canada, Stephen Harper, and his Conservative Government gave Malala Yousofsai, Pakistanian activist an honorary Canadian citizenship. Proof of intent to harm was established as soon as connection was established from your psychotronic wireless military technology supercomputer to my brain and body. Proof is also in my DNA. Then there is this: CSEC – Stephen Harper’s and Coservatives’ snooping company; Communications Security Establishment, or CSE. It appears that this October they got caught with their hand in a cookie jar using Olympia mapping technology in Environmental Department Natural Resources and Mines in Brazil. Brazil claims economic espionage. Who monitors the watchers? Nothing will change as long as prime minster Stephen Harper is in power. The United States President Barak Obama goes on television to explain to the Nation and the world, what is going on, and what the United States government intends to do about it. On the other hand, Canada’s prime minister, Stephen Harper either leaves the province, the country, or he hides in the closet and locks himself in it, transfers all his assets to his wife, and leaves Canadian people are blind as bats, not knowing what is going on, how to protect themselves from attacks on their lives. And now we found out that Harper’s Conservative government, through their jobs grants legislation has been hiring foreign workers, (Scientology India, a criminal company) instead of giving those jobs to Canadians. India has been a big problem worldwide; it has been undercutting Canadian IT and web design jobs, preventing Canadians from working. Jobs grant is a complete fraud. And there is this: Stephen Harper’s and Conservatives snooping agency, CSEC: http://www.cse-cst.gc.ca/index-eng.html CPAC disclosed that two of the people who sat on Canada’s security boards were doctors who were citizens of other countries, and have since left Canada because there are warrants on them. Scientology is a dead society, which acquired biotechnological status with the help from medical, pharmaceutical, and police professions. Scientology cult lives parasitically, attaching itself to human and social flesh. Once they become parasiticaly attached to their victim host i.e. (hospitals, human beings, governments, schools, associations, families, companies, clubs, entertainment industry etc., Scientology proceeds to eat away and destroy that to which they are attached, until there is nothing left of the host; their aim is to destroy the victim host. Once, destroyed, they proceed to their next parasitic victim host. They desperately cling to their host until they destroy it, always feeding off their parasitic attachment. Without it, they don’t exit. By itself, they don’t exit. It is a dead society. That’s what all the “reality” shows, “events” are all about. Without their fabricated “reality” shows, they don’t exist. If you have them in your life, they are there for one purpose only – to destroy you. Only by destroying you, their organization continues to survive. That’s what all the murders by suicide are all about. Harper not only supports Scientology, but also promotes this criminal organization, and physical and technological slavery which they impose on our society. I am calling for Stephen Harper’s impeachment, or appropriate equivalent according to Canadian laws, and for a Class Action lawsuit against him and Conservatives for creating a medical emergency situation, medical fraud, a threat to life, brain damage, medi-tech torture and rape, gang stalking, extortion, hate crimes, domestic terrorism, trespassing, medical malpractise, criminal harassment, invasion of privacy, persecution, loss of security, theft on all levels including the most intimate and private information, and abuse of power. Launch a Class Action Lawsuit against the top 2% of the super-rich of the world for class discrimination, abuse of power, theft, Constitutional and human rights abuses, using illegal technologies on us, extortion, for undermining and destroying our lives etc. Vote and associate with those who are most likely to save your lives. Please forward this information to others; we all need this information so that we can protect ourselves and not vote for criminals. If they attacked pensions, they have also attacked money initially designated towards students’ fees. Patent Number – 7629918 – hunting humans http://www.patents.com Patent – Brunken – 4877027 – situational awareness And Republicans did the same thing in the United States. And now, they hired techs to send DOS (Denial of Service) attacks to the United States Affordable Health Care websites. People who have been wirelessly and in person stalking and assaulting me, destroyed my life, career and property are people who live next door to me, Cecil and Sybrich Dam, 7065 Parklawn Crescent, Niagara Falls, members of the Nazi Party and a Satanic cult. They have been hiding in Dutch “Christian” Reformed (to Satanism) “Church” on Jepson Street, Niagara Falls, Ontario. Also, their cohorts, Gary and Particia Ward, and John and Agnes Ancio who live on Paisley Avenue, Niagara Falls, Ontario. She works for Niagara Falls library; he works for Canadian Tire; and a woman manager of Coronation Seniors Centre on Summer St., Niagara Falls, Ontario; (she immigrated from the United Kingdom to Canada; her Ontario car license plate is ANYV124 purchased at CarNation). I now know that Dams have been stalking me, undermining my life since 1972. Using illegal military wireless technologies they have been extorting money from me. If anyone has any information regarding these people, please send it to me by mail (anonymously if you wish). These people have a cold-blooded desire to kill. Do they own any other properties? Some of their money may be kept in Maridian Bank. How many banks are they dealing with? How much money have they extorted, and stolen from other people and who are their other victims? Have they transferred any assets to other family members including their grandchildren? Who are their other cohorts, members of this criminal mob? From whom did they steal money or properties, how much and where is it kept? They must be publicly exposed! Put that information on the bulletin boards, including their pictures, address this issue in the communities and in the newspapers. In some of the states in the USA there are legislations punishing the ownership or trading with those technologies by non-governmental entities. For example in the state of Michigan the sentence for this crime is equal to the sentence for ownership or trading with weapons of mass destruction. Harper’s Conservative government, for decades has allowed our tax money to be used to pay for funeral expenses of wealthy Sikhs Indians and Iranians. We have been paying $6,000 per each casket to be transported to India and Iran. Toronto Star August 14, 2013. Stephen Harper introduced BillC-38, which states that Canadians may no longer freely show up at public hearings on energy proposals and present their opinion or send written statements to the energy board. Instead, they must fill out a nine-page application. The board then decides who gets to comment, reserving the right to refuse anyone who isn’t “directly” affected by the matter. This violates the Charter of Rights. Stephen Harper is not a prime minister of Canada, he is a prime minister of 30% of Canadians. • More reasons to get rid of Stephen Harper’s dictatorship, his contempt for democracy and a threat to our democracy: • Conservatives Canada Pension Plan is now, as of December 15, 2013, 6 billion dollars short in the fund. • 2011- Stephen Harper hired Toronto Bay Street consultants at $90,000 per day who had no idea on how balance country’s budget. • at $90,000 per day to give him advise how to save money. • Canada’s deficit as of December 15, 2013 is $ 616 billion dollars. In order to get their budget balanced, Conservatives closed 8 veterans’ offices, fired 20,000 government employees, reduced the number of employees at Revenue Canada so far. • Conservatives have been removing money from provinces and putting that money into their coffers to cover up losses within government. • Conservative MPs refuse to disclose their own spending information to Canadian taxpayers. • Conservatives are on bad terms with Elections Canada, because of constant cheating during elections; they overspent by 500,000 in the last election and were fined 50,000. Elections Canada Commissioner says that is not enough. It should be $2 million dollars and a jail term. Then there were robo calls. Robo calls are bad for democratic process. During last election Conservatives have been making calls to people telling them that the polls have moved to another location. When people arrived, there were no voting sites. • You shouldn’t be sending robots to harass people at dinner time. NDP leader, Tom Mulcair called Conservatives and their elections cheating ‘serial cheaters’. • Elections Canada telephone number is 1-800-463 6868. • Money for infrastructure has been cut by 87% to local municipalities. Then there is this: Conservatives spent $200 million retrofitting a submarine. East coast does not have one presently. Who got the contract? Mitt Romney?! Then there is the muzzling of Electoral Officer; this is something you would do if you wanted to cover up fraud. The Electoral officer publically announced that Stephen Harper’s government prevents him to speak about democracy. • Rick Mercer: “Stephen Harper froze all governmental departments, but increased his own budget by 30%.” Canadian Senate scandal: Conservative Senators who blatantly stole taxpayer’s money by fraudulently claiming illegitimate expenses: Pamela Wallin- $153,000; Brazeau; Mike Duffy – $90,000. Cost of auditing Wallin was $380,000; cost to audit 3 senators was $500,000 to Canadian taxpayers. • In 2006, Harper government tore up child care agreements between Ottawa and the provinces that would have committed $5 billion dollars over 5 years toward building a national child care. • Conservative party spent 3 Billion on overpriced Arctic patrol ships. First, they hired a third party, International Marine Consultants located in Vancouver to do a review, and received a warning from them, which Conservatives chose to ignore. Government trashed its own experts. They received advice from the consultants and then ignored that advice. • Under Stephen Harper’s regime, tourism in Canada dropped from second to 18th. Travel to Canada has decreased despite an increase of world travel. • September, 26, 2013- Dean Delmastro, another Conservative Minister of Parliament was told to resign for election fraud. He exceeded the spending limit for submitted for ineligible expenses. This is a larger pattern of corruption within Conservative caucus. He is accused of spending $19,000 over the limit under the Elections Act. He is one of many appointed by prime minister Harper. What does that say about his judgment? More than 160 experts say that Fair Elections Act state that it violates standards. There are people in the House of Commons who do not deserve to be there. A diseased mind can’t make rational decisions. • Since 2006, prime minister, Stephen Harper opposed and refused to sign Kyoto, Japan Accord Protocol climate change agreement. • Canadian taxpayers are paying legal fees for (PMO) prime minister’s office. PMO got themselves in trouble, through their own actions, why should taxpayers pay for their mistakes? • National Defense was taken over by The Treasury Board. Why? • In 2013 Stephen harper suspended Parliament for 6 months, so that he could write a book while being paid by Canadian taxpayers as if he worked during that time. • He also appointed in total 59 Conservative party members to the Senate. • It has also now been disclosed that each department within Canada’s government has a different computer system – why? That should not; however, stop departments from communicating with each other. Each system has a built in import/export conversion capability program which allows them to convert files from one system to another. • Conservative MP, Peter MacKay finally admitted on public television that we have a mentally disturbed regime. But why hasn’t Conservative government done something about it?! • Feds stripped money from provinces in an effort to make themselves look good. • Stephen Harper persistently refuses to answer reporters’ questions, and he ordered Conservative MPs to do the same. • January 19, 2014 – Elizabeth May, MP, Green party: “Stephen Harper took an axe to Canadian Environmental Services including David Suzuki’s organization.” He ordered audits of all environmental agencies including David Suzuki; there are 120,000 environmental agencies in Canada. • Conservative government has been cutting back on jurisdiction of Human Rights Commission. • House of Commons, Question Period: “During G20, Stephen Harper has been passing his curriculum vitae, his resume. • Stephen Harper banned Chief Electoral Officer from speaking out about electoral fraud. Does he think he is in Russia?! • February 24, 2014 –James Fergusson, Director, Senate Committee on National Security Defense: Conservatives support (BMD) Ballistic Missile Defense for other countries, but not for Canada. They refused to sign a bilateral agreement with US since 2006, have not moved forward; assuming that US has no choice but to defend Canada. They rely on the fact that US would be morally bound to defend Canada. US is not legally bound to defend Canada. • Rick Mercer Report: “Stephen Harper spent 78 million on advertising (promoting Conservatives government programs), that’s not an action plan; that’s madness.” • Canadian Conservative government has been disengaging from helping people in order to accomplish their feudal systems goal. • January 19, 2014 – Conservatives have just reduced corporate taxes from 14% down to 11%, thus increased our taxes. • Conservative government is not paying money owing to contractors, and subcontractors. How much money do they owe? • January 2014- Conservative MP, Shelly Glover has been fundraising instead of working. • Conservative government set aside 11 million dollars for Action Plan Ads using taxpayers’ money for government propaganda for non-existent jobs program; all to promote themselves. • Rick Mercer: “Conservatives not only lower the bar, they dig a ditch, bury it right next to accountability.” • Maclean’s Magazine 2000 when Trudeau died: “He did what no politician before or since has done: he touched the dreams of an entire generation of Canadians. He made them excited about politics and public affairs. He caused them to believe they could actually change the country and even the world. He inspired them to get personally involved in the life of their nation and community…. He changed lives, he set them off along paths they might not otherwise have taken. He made them, and the country better, I believe that still”. • January 16, 2014 – Conservative government has just cancelled Health payments for cataract surgeries. • January 17, 2014 – Conservatives were in Israel, promoting themselves using taxpayers’ money on a fund raising campaign. Stephen Harper and his Conservatives are not pro-Israeli, they are pro Israeli Conservative party. To cover up his Nazi connections, and to seek donations from Jewish people, Stephen Harper took 200 people, and his musical band along with his drummer, Nolan with him and we, the taxpayers paid for it, millions. Upon returning to Canada, his drummer had been been arrested for multiple sex assaults on children. And, we the taxpayers paid not only for Stephen Harpers’ entourage, but also for his band’s holiday in Israel. This is an inexcusable abuse of power. • What was M.P. Oliver doing in Jerusalem; he arrived a week before Harper and is entourage did?! They should be working for Canadians instead. Stephen Harper, and his Conservative entourage went to Israel using taxpayers’ money to support Israeli Conservative government, Israeli prime minister Netanyahu is a member of Israeli Conservative government. There is a problem between him and the United States, so to save his party, he reached out to Canada. How much did this Conservatives’ holiday (they all came back suntanned) cost Canadian taxpayers? • Canadian veterans announced that they will not be voting for Conservative government in the next election. They feel they have been betrayed by them. • February 7, 2014 – And now, as they had done before, Conservatives decided to announce details of their budget during Olympics, partly to attach themselves to Olympics, partly to distract from the details of their budget, to deflect. In the past eight years, they have done budgets in the same manner. • Conservatives have 3 D policy: Deny, Delay and Die (they wait for us to die to make their mistake go away.) • As far as Stephen Harper and Conservative government are concerned, we are irrelevant. They labeled us, and that is how we are listed in government’s data bases. When we go for help to the government or to the law enforcement agencies, the look us up in their data bases and because we are listed as irrelevant, they do nothing to help us. • We are in a class war and they are attempting to turn Canada into Haiti, where there are only the superrich and the super poor. Middle class does not exist. Harper and his government support only the superrich. They labeled us, and when we ask for help, Conservatives sent instructions not to help us because we don’t count as far as they are concerned. But where is the push back? If we can’t institute the controls that are necessary, we are done. • We have self-destructive greed, inequality and social contracts between governments and the majority of population are not being upheld, they do not exist. Legislature is not reflecting the popular will. • As of January 17, 2014 Federal debt is $616 billion. February 8, 2014 – IMF has just announced that they don’t think Conservatives will be able to balance budget in 2015. • February 3, 2014 – Stephen Harper’s spy agency, CSEC has been caught illegally tracking, IP (Internet protocol) profiling, targeting ordinary Canadians through a mass surveilance. It is prohibited by Canadian law. Legislature is not reflecting the popular will. • Stephen Harper, during past eight years has sued Canadian taxpayers three times. Find out details of this and make it public. • Stephen Harper always comes into the House of Commons through the back door. Is this his way to tell Canadians he intends to keep them enslaved in an Auschwitz 49 concentration camp, or, that he can always access our brains through the back door?! • Last week, (January 2014) Stephen Harper, while on television, indirectly informed me that he knew that Andrea Horwarth, Leader of NDP called me. I know that his spy agency is illegally in my house spying on me. He is not in my house to help me; he is there to find something he can use against me. He considers himself to be above the law. Also, see http://www.taxpayer.com/about/board/ • January 22, 2014 – Harper and his entourage went to Israel, (Harper and his aids, Jim Flaherty, Joe Oliver, Rob Nicholson, Mark Adler and his assistant (any others we don’t know about for whom we paid?) using taxpayers’ money to fundraise and to campaign for next election. Among those who went with him, were M.P. Mark Adler, Adler’s assistant, Jeremy and M.P. Oliver. Adler had the misfortune of being recorded in front of the Wailing Wall in Israel saying to his assistant: “Jeremy, get in here; it’s the election, it’s a million dollar shot”. (Wanting to be photographed in front of the Wailing Wall, picture, which he then can use in Canada for fundraising and election purposes). • January 2014 – Why did Stephen Harper take Brian Mulroney (Conservative) with him to Africa, after cutting funds to them? Mulroney no longer works for the government, he works as a lawyer. Brian Mulroney sued Canadian government for $25 million and got it, after we kicked him out of office over Meech Lake Accord because he refused to include First Nations in the agreement. And now, Conservatives forced Canadian taxpayers to pay for Brian Mulroney’s trip to Africa. How many people did Stephen Harper take to Africa with him, besides Brian Mulroney, Paul Martin, Jen Chretien and his aids. How much did this trip cost? If Canadians were again forced to pay for former prime ministers’ trip to Africa, they must repay that money; they no longer work for Canadian government. • Another Conservative, Alberta premier, Alison Redford spent $45,000 on a trip to Africa. She took her daughter, and her daughter’s friend with her. She also said she has no intention to repay the money to the taxpayers. • March 29, 2014 – Now, Alison Redford ordered a luxury suite in a public building. • Our cellular telephone costs are one of the higher; is it because Conservative government is getting kickbacks, and we are paying for it? In the United Kingdom monthly cell rates are $29 per month; in the United States, monthly cell rates are $55 per month; in Canada; however, monthly cell rates are $74 per month on an everage. Why? • January 16, 2014- Heritage Minister Shelly Glover is under fire from opposition MPs over a fundraising event where members of Winnipeg’s art and culture community were asked to donate money to the cabinet minister — donations that may have breached federal conflict-of-interest rules. Read more: http://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/fundraiser-for-heritage-minister-crosses-the-line-says-liberal-mp-1.1645141#ixzz2qlPS45k5http://www.thestar.com/news/investigations/2013/05/08/star_investigation_millions_in_taxpayerfunded_consulting_work_kept_secret.html • December 3, 2013 – Conservative Party of Canada is now proposing a bill which would allow them to vote out their leaders. And 2 more Conservative senators resigned. • A Star investigation has found 90 per cent of the $2.4 billion paid out in the past decade comes with no description of the work done — and more than a dozen departments refuse to provide details when pressed. • Even then, several departments and agencies refused to say what services they bought as part of the roughly $700 million in taxpayer money they spent on management consulting. • Professor Stairs: “Canada has recently been pursuing policies that alienated a large number of countries that might otherwise have been willing to support Canadian candidacy to the United Nations, including the environment. Another policy was freezing of development assistance to Africa. • Fifth Estate television show: Stephen Harper recently fired 2,000 Environmental Engineers. • As of January 24, 2014 – Canada has 40,000 refugees missing, (these people received medical treatments for which Canadian taxpayers paid; government can’t find them. Why? • Canadian youth unemployment is at an all time high at 14%. • January 28, 2014 – RCMP reported that they just arrested 2 of their people in Alberta who defrauded Albertans of 23 million dollars. • Help us with this, to make sure that your business stays your business. • January 30, 2014 – CBC – Polar Vortex across Canada. • The Fifth Estate: “What the government has done is to fly in an airplane after putting cover on the windshield.”. • February 8, 2014- Stephen Harper and his conservative government has now setup a new service to promote themselves using taxpayers’ money. Stephen Harper created a television service called ‘24/7’ run out of his office to promote himself. (Being the parasites they are, they took that out of my email). This is illegal; it is illegal to use taxpayers’ money to promote their own party. They must pay for this themselves. Is this a part of the reason why finance Minister, Flaherty is unable to balance the budget, and Conservatives are deep in deficit? ! ` • Brian Mulroney, when he was a prime minister did the same when his ratings were down. He also promoted himself using taxpayers’ money, a created a television channel for that purpose. These people are leeches, parasites. • February 12, 2014 – Question Period – 68% of Canadians say Conservative Senators should be kicked out of Conservative party. • February 13, 2014 – CPAC Bill – C-23; David Christopherson NDP- “There is a democratic deficit done from within conservative world and ramed it to the people. A serial cheating government is trying to pre-cheat before elections. This is not a process that we are willing to accept. This is an exercise in isolation. They want to ram through what they think the rules should be for all of us for future elections. It is not just the content of the bill, but also the process. The concerns are that damage will be done to our democracy. Conservatives are ramming through 244 changes to our election laws, the foundation of our democracy. Since Conservatives got elected, they have been degrading step by step our democratic process”. • March 21, 2014 – Andrew Reynolds, professor, University of North Carolina: “ 19 International scholars are concerned, 160 Canadian professors, have joined the debate on election changes by the Conservative government. The so called ‘Fair Elections Act’ threatens Canada’s reputation. The Bill would make Elections Canada weaker in its capacity to enforce legitimate elections. The Bill would tilt the balance in favour of the governing party. This Bill send negative message to developing countries who use Elections Canada as a model for their democracy. With this Bill, Canada, curtails its ability, its own autonomy, ability to find problems and to deal with those problems.” • Now, Stephen Harper disallowed a committee to travel throughout Canada to study the voting, electoral process. • February 24, 2014- Conservative, John Baird, another politician who is fond of photo ops. He went to Ukraine and announced on television to a Ukrainian woman that her safety was important to him; while completely ignoring safety of Canadians, especially those who are illegally, wirelessly connected to his psychotronic Nazi murder machine. He is another “I tricked you”. Conservatives excluded other parties from delegation to Ukraine during this crisis. They have also not included other parties during their last public meetings at Manning Centre. • Who gave Ukrainian nuclear weapons away and who received them? Disclose the circumstances, reveal names, dates, costs etc. • March 4, 2014 – Chrysler has just refused to accept money from Conservative government saying that Canadian government is using them for political purposes. They will look for money internally. • Conservative government, 3 years after a 22-year-old soldier, Justin Stark committed suicide, sent a cheque for one cent to his parents. The cheque was for military burial. • March 5, 2014 – RCMP seized bank records of Stephen Harper’s ex-PMO staffer, Bruce Carson. He was involved in illegal lobby, developed a scheme on how to make money off First Nations. • 2010 – Rick Mercer: We have been putting mustaches (reference to Hitler) on Ministers of Parliament for 5 years now. • March 6, 2014 – Conservatives intend to close the only Francophone Rescue Centre in Canada. • Rick Mercer Report: “If you become an inconvenience to Stephen Harper, you have a very short shelf life.” • March 7, 2014 – Bill C-2- Conservatives are now in the process of trade talks with Honduras. Honduras is a dictatorship, corrupt, money and drug trafficking, undemocratic and rampant organized crime and a tax haven for the rich with no honorable government. Why Honduras? ! Are Conservatives looking for another tax haven, and a money laundering facility?! • Stephen Harper refuses to answer journalists’ questions, and has ordered his MPs to do the same. • March 7, 2014 – Then there is a $5 Billion hole in farmers’ bank accounts. Farmers had a bumper crop in the fall, wheat has been sitting there rotting because Transport Canada has not made arrangements for them for transporting it to the market. • March 6, 2014 – The Pictou Advocate, local paper in Peter McKay’s Nova Scotia riding printed a cartoon of a flag with a Nazi swastika flying over the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill in Wednesday’s edition along with the words: “Harper’s economic action plan.” See: • http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/peter-mackay-demands-apology-for-nazi-swastika-cartoon-1.2563156 • In 2013, 4 Conservatives claimed $46,000 FOR ONE MONTH each (184,000) in short distance travel expenses. They fly executive class when flying short trips. • There are more limousines in front of Canadian Parliament then there are in Dubai. • Stephen Harper’s office refuses to disclose how many of the staff make $150,000 make per annum. • Prime Minister’s office refuses to disclose how many of the staff make $150,000 per annum. • • March 30, 2014 – Stephen Harper lost another Conservative of his domino procession: Dimitri Soudas, Harper’s Executive Director and his ‘right hand’. Soon he will run out of candidates. Harper’s dirty laundry has been aired nonstop. And he questions Justin Trudeau’s judgement? • There has been no human rights assessment by the Conservative government. • March 11,, 2014 – In 2005, Stephen Harper gave Quebec $30 billion dollars to bail them out; and now they want to separate. Quebec takes more than it contributes. And now, billionaire Karl Peladeau announced that after he splits Quebec from Canada, he intends to use Canadian dollars as Quebec’s currency, and intends to keep all of his holdings in Canada, and that is a conflict of interest. He wants to be an emperor, he wants his own country for himself and for his children and he wants the rest of Canada to pay for it. • If Quebec separates, companies will move out to other provinces or countries where it is less difficult to operate their businesses. • If Quebec becomes a separate country, university students will have to pay international student fees, which is more than 3 times more expensive. • Paladeau has $600 million invested in Quebcor shares; he owns Sun Media which hosts Source television, a Scientology company ( a criminal Nazi organization) on its Sun Media network. Peladeau controls 40% of the media across Canada; he also owns Videotron. He has an unfair advantage. This is a huge conflict of interest. March 11, 2014 – Interpol, Lyon France stated: “On it, on the running and on his ‘leafing’ as well as leaving (perhaps connections to Mitt Romneys ‘binders of women’ and “L”, or “One World” organization. Peladeau participated in Spectrum auction. A contributor to CBC stated: “Peladeau also has to worry about ‘back’ (illegal wireless connections of Quebecers to Ottawa’s illegal psychotronic machines, Auschwitz 49, to which Conservatives illegally connected us.) Where is Paledeau going to get the money for this? This situation is one part of a bigger picture. • Quebec takes more than it contributes. Once it separates, where are they going to get the extra money? In 2005 Stephen Harper gave Quebec 30 Billion dollars to bail it out of debt. And now they want to separate from Canada. Billionaire Karl Peladeau announced that after he splits Quebec from Canada, he intends to use Canadian dollars and intends to keep all his holdings in Canada; the statement was that with Stephen Harper in power, that won’t be a problem. Peladeau has $600 million invested in Quebecor shares; he owns Sun Media, which hosts Source television channel, a Scientology company (a criminal Nazi organization) on its Sun Media television network. Karl Peladeau controls 40% of the media in Canada across the country, and owns Videotron. This is undue influence and a huge conflict of interest. March 11, 2014, Interpol, Lyon France: “We are on it, on the ‘running’ and on his ‘leafing’ “ (as well as leaving Canada); ‘leafing’ is a reference to Mitt Romney’s binders of women, his “L’, or “One World”, “One” organization. Paladeau also participated in Spectrum action and received preferential treatment from Conservatives. A contributor to CBC stated: “Peladeau also has to worry about ‘back’ (illegal wireless connections of Quebecers to Ottawa’s psychotronic torture, murder machines.) This situation is a part of a bigger picture. If Quebec separates, Conservatives, Ottawa will have no reason to spend any more money, there will be no reason for Conservatives to close open access to Quebeckers’ brains; to disconnect Quebecers from Ottawa’s illegal psychotronic murder, and torture supercomputers machines. If they separate, they will no longer be a part of our class action law suit against Conservatives. • Enbridge Gas has just announced that they are applying for a 40% rates increase. Was this done due to separation issue from Quebec? They will also be responsible for the cost of the split up, because it was their decision to separate from Canada. The same applies to social services and Unemployment insurance. There is also a question of Canada pension, OAS, and GIS government pensions. Ottawa will no longer be responsible for support of Quebec seniors and will not be paying OAS and GIS. Where is Peladeau going to get the money for it all?! Since inception, CPP has been indexed on the basis of the whole country. Once Quebec separates, to re-index it would be very difficult and expensive, and since Quebec initiated this situation, they will be paying for it. And what is going to be the cost to the rest of Canada?! • Ford Canada and Unifor oppose the South Korean Trade deal which Stephen Harper has just signed. Ford and Unifor stated that it is a ‘one sided’ deal, which economists say will cause 30,000 jobs to be lost. These deals are always are done by Stephen Harper and his Conservatives behind closed doors, in secret, without releasing details to the public. This deal took 10 years. Cost of the lag time? Conservatives always make deals without any dialogue with Canadians. They never share the details with others and 32 million Canadians will have to live with it. • March 2014 – Two more Alberta Conservatives quit Conservative party citing intimidation, bullying, and accused premier of lavish spending. Question posed to Alison Redford, Alberta’s premier by her party member: ”Do you have enough support to keep governing?” March 20, 2014 – both Flaherty and Alison Redford resigned. Flaherty said that banks are gipping. • A contributing commentator to CBC stated: “She was elected by only ‘1000’ votes in a province of millions of people.” (‘1000’ is Scientology Nazi Party, ‘so’ is Mitt Romney, “L’, or “One World” cult organizations. ) • March 2014 – Former prime minister, Brian Mulroney’ aid was charged with fraud in Quebec. • And now, March 21, 2014 – both Steven Harper, and John Baird are going to Ukraine for another photo ops; what are they going to do, that John Kerry was not able to accomplish?! What business contracts have they signed in Holland?! • And so far, as of March 21, 2014 – Canadian Conservative government has done nothing to change Canadian laws, to outlaw dangerous to humans psychotronic technologies, along with their technological protocols. As North Koreans, Canadian Conservative government, systematically tortures its own people. • Stephen Harper’s choice for the appointment to the Supreme Court, Marc Nadon got rejected by the Supreme Court, stating that he was ineligible under conditions that were set out. Rejection by the Supreme Court of Marc Nadon’s appointment questions prime minister’s judgment. Conservatives are constantly pushing the boundaries and are undermining our democracy. They illegally change laws to suit them, using illegal methods. Constitutionally protected legislation says that nominee has to be a member of Quebec Bar Association, a full time Quebec judge, and in this case, have experience in civil law. Marc Nadon was a part-time judge, specialized in Maritime law, and stated that he did not want to work as a judge any more. Why would Conservatives have chosen such a person?! What is their hidden agenda? This is embarrassing for the Canadian Conservative government. Are they looking for a judge who will support them no matter what? Stephen Harper, Conservatives, have a secret ad-hoc committee. Judge John Gomery worked in the same law firm as Marc Nadon, and he is familiar with this situation; he put them on trial before: “You can’t accomplish through the back door what has been denied to you through the front”. Nadon, while on camera kept pointing to his upper lip where his mustache would have been had he had one. (perhaps pointing to a Hitler situation in front of the courts). (Black box situation). (Auschwitz 49 Nazi electromagnetic cages situation). (600 Aboriginal missing women situation). Nadon’s appointment process cost Canadian taxpayers $200,000. The Supreme Court is pushing back against the Conservative government. Another reason to take down Conservative government is that Conservatives don’t’ speak to anyone outside Conservative bubble. They don’t talk to First Nations or Northern people to find out what their needs are with respect to voting and other issues; their needs are different from the rest of the country. How can in a democracy, a political party who has 30% of the vote have a 100% of the power? We have concerns that the greatest negative impact will happen to our country. We are not going to let this government steam roller our democracy. There was no proper consultation done outside the Conservative world. The nuclear weapon in a democracy is still the people, especially if their constituents tell them that they are not being fair. Conservatives are afraid to leave their own Ottawa political bubble. What I have not seen in my 30 years of politics is the government that runs away from its own people; a government who hides. That’s what Conservatives are doing. In their mind, every Canadian is a potential enemy.” End of quote. (NDP and Liberals combined, we are the majority of 70% of Canadians). What kind of government tortures its own people? The answer: The Killer Factory. Conservatives, as North Koreans are guilty of systemic torture of its own people. Government who programmed their supercomputers to torture, harm and kill their own people. Conservatives have just spent several millions of Canadian taxpayers’ money to secure on the Conservative party, to protect themselves, ignoring the rest of the country. John F. Kennedy in his book: “Profiles in Courage” …”he who avoids (one’s responsibility to the will of his constituents) this responsibility would appear to be accountable to no one, and the basic safeguards of our democratic system would thus have vanished. He is no longer representative in the true sense, he has violated his public trust, he has betrayed the confidence demonstrated by those who voted for him to carry out their views. How can he be regarded as representing the people when he speaks, not their language, but his own? He ceases to be their representative when he does so, and represents himself alone. In short, according to this school of thought, if I am to be properly responsive to the will of my constituents, it is my duty to place their principles, not mine, above all else.” Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC), in charge of delivering social programs and services, has billed more than $420 million since 2004. One of the department’s most recognizable divisions, Service Canada, has spent another $129 million for management consulting — more than 70 per cent of which was given to a single recruitment company, according to the government’s contract records. What consulting work was done for all that money? A spokeswoman with HRSDC refused to say. The company, Quantum Management Services, was just as tight-lipped. “I’m not going to answer your questions,” said Anne Cote, a vice-president in the company’s Ottawa office. • 2013- Canada now has the highest deficit since its inception thanks to the Conservative government. • Then there is this: stolen aboriginal women, hundreds of them unaccounted for, and feared to have been murdered or sold into a sex slave trade. The First Nations requested Stephen Harper’s Conservative government to investigate, the government refused and cut off funding to Native Womens’ Association instead. Who does Stephen Harper and Canadian Conservative government work for?! They work for us; we are their boss!!! • MPs spouses are being flown across the country paid for by taxpayers on a continual bases. • September 2013- Stephen Harper’s Conservative government has decided not to sign arms treaty along with Russia, Iran and Iraq. What does this say about Harper’s government? • It has been reported in a letter from billionaire Tom Styer that Harper’s Conservative government contributed to the United States’ government’s shut down through aggressive lobbying. During the shutdown, Jim Flaherty, Canada’ Finance Minister announced on CBC television: “We, (Conservatives), have many friends in the Republican Party”. United States is at war; Americans have suffered enough because of Canadian government. We must take measures to stop Canadian extremists. February 7, 2014 – Flaherty just announced that is not able to balance the budget. Why? Because of looting? • November 3, 2013, During Conservatives’ Convention in Calgary, Alberta prime minister Stephen Harper announced on television: that he does not care about
    • thetans says:

      Yep. Hospitals have some sort of wired in system. I am 99% positive of it. If you get harassed in hospitals there is some sort of electronic system the puke doctors (and sorry NURSES AND TECHS TOO!) use to terrorize people they want to harass. They can instigate mobbing in the workplace with this crap.

  4. Jean says:

    I am a target of electronic harassment from a criminal stalking gang of thieves who continuously try to get my signature and pin numbers from my mind for the purpose of stealing from me. These criminals continuously bombard me with verbal threats (voice to skull), electric shocks to my body (nipples especially), shocking pains to my ovaries and a variety of other forms of torture 24 hours a day. Why is the Media so close-mouthed about this torture? Why are the Governments and Police not mentioning this? I know other people who believe and are experiencing this torture. Why are the whistle-blowers who helped create this terrible software not out in the public domain doing more to help the victims created from their terrible technological weapons?

  5. Jeanne says:

    I am an Australian target of a stalking gang of criminals (thieves) who torture me around the clock. I would have to say that Tortureware is being used on me. I have a bombardment of threats and I am talked at continuously about what I am doing. They read my thoughts, they pull information from my mind (especially try hard to pull signatures and pin numbers), they put terrible thoughts and images into my mind. They torture my body with electric shocks and pain (especially my nipples and ovaries). I have seen what I thought was ghosts but now know were holographic images. I have met people involved in Street Theatre (to make me fear for my life, to control me so they can use (steal) from me without my going to the police). And when I said I would go to the police and tell them everything if they steal from me they started using a weapon they call the Heart Attack Gun which causes severe pain in the heart but I am strong enough to not have died from it yet but they have said that each time they use the gun it weakens my heart and it will work in the future.

    This torture from what I have read is around the world!
    Can Dr Robert Duncan and other whistle-blowers please help the other victims around the world. For Australian victims please contact the Australia Media and help bring this torture to light not only for the victims but also for the victims’ families as my tormentors tell me my family is under threat too. These cowardly perpetrators believe this criminal activity is in such a form that they will never be held accountable and have to go to jail. Please help by bringing this terrible technological weaponry and torture more into the public awareness!!! Please help!!!

  6. dr. Robert Duncan contact me asap!

  7. have Robert Duncan contact me asap!

  8. do some thing now you sick fucks!

  9. Anne Rosmini says:

    (dunkin donuts)

  10. Omnisense says:

    I am also a target of these technologies. I am in the process of writing an Ebook based on my experiences/research/theories, which are very abundant and unique it seems. I am an expert on electromagnetic based mind control as result of my many thousands of experiences with electronic telepathy, as well as EM mind control. The Ebook should release this year(2015) and is titled: Covert Transhumanism; Mind Control Explained.

    I have written much about what I know of this technology on my blog. My blog archive is here: http://omnisense.blogspot.com/p/full-categorized-archive-of-my-articles.html

    I just started a brand new website as well. It is here: http://www.covert-transhumanism.com

    It seems posting links is ok in these comments. I make no money off my website/blog/youtube. No ads or anything(other then 3rd party copyright claims in my videos, which leads to forced ads I make no money from).

    The people who have these advanced technologies are absolutely morally bankrupt. They are heartless transhuman men. Literally heartless, they control their heart chakras to negate any sort of compassion or conscience. This is the biggest problem in the world today IMO, these people with this technology….

  11. Mycho Saniac says:

    It is true that v2k is one-way only, but in conjunction with subliminal post-hypnotic suggestions (and implanted technology) it is possible to create the illusion of a 2-way connection. Your emotional response can be read, a variety of signals fielded, and the one you respond to tested with by different prods until an interaction can be replicated.

    If there were and an actual Harvard doctorate, this theory would by now have found its way into one peer-reviewed academic journal article (or footnote at least!). The fact that no one has ever seen this mythical diploma Harvard has no records of indicates that the ”ex-‘ part of his C.I.A. career is also fictional. Eleanor White has stated that ‘Duncan’ isn’t his name!

  12. Marisa says:

    Remote neural monitoring satellite harassment terrorism and human experimentation of Brazil

    My name is Marisa am a victim of human minds trafficking ring operating in southers Brazil, i have an intracranial implant an i’m being tortured. I need help to save my life means to break free of this harassment. Criminals step into the human brain 24hs the connection an come from several People at the same time, reading the visual córtex through the computer brain interface using mobile phone masts and satellite. The mental grocery prison of life, torture or brain radar signature.There is a software created and based on neurosciense of the brain and humam mind that is being used to torture People. Please help me blocking remote neural monitoring,

    Porto Alegre – RS / Brazil

  13. Marisa says:

    My name is Marisa am a victim of torture Psychotronic of Brazil , i need help.


  14. This is satellite warfare application and mind control is really neural encoding using dosimetry.There are many people who are being tortured and the methods used vary due to the real time stimulus – reaction modalities involved.The stimulus which can be in the form of neural encoded acoustics (3D acoustics) or PGO wave entrainment for spatial imagery in the brain are all part of the psychological warfare and mind control techniques.This is a very elaborate subject with multi-disciplinary application of sciences and cannot be written in a few lines.Since radiation is the basis of neural encoding it is very tough to protect people as photons enter the skull and the brain.We can also be sure that directed energy applications are used for somatic stimuli to elicit a reaction in the targeted individual which alters the behavior of the person.This relative change in the behavior is what the objective is in psychotronics or mind control.The differentiation of the targeted individual based on the stimulus – reaction pattern shows the behavioral modification and hence the psychometric analysis of the person as psychotic or schizoprhenic which the person is not.
    Here it is also important to add that the person is being targeted by highly trained neuroscientists working on the brain of a person for some reason such as hate crime,incitement of hatred,racial or other motives.These people do not hesitate in causing pain and suffering which in other words is torture – remember this is a remote location and the people targeting are sitting somewhere in a secure environment.Since computer vision or neurovision is used stalking is also possible and this is a known fact.There are many applications for the military or defence personnel but they use targeted individuals as guinea pigs for their own ends.They get paid to torture and this is the bottom line.

  15. marisa says:

    Remote neural monitoring and satellite terrorism in Brasil

    The brains of brazilian are being connected the satellite for torture purposes and murder and ignoring government the facts that technology and controlled by a global network of criminals these step into the brain human 24 hours connection may come from several people to reading the same time the visual cortex using the interface computer brain. My name is marisa am a single target in Brasil as i have a brain implant nano in brain neck and tooth lock how do i sing to exit de this terrible connection.

    Porto Alegre-RS Brazil

  16. marisa says:

    . My name is marisa am a single target in Brasil as i have a brain implant nano in brain neck and tooth lock how do i sing to exit de this terrible connection.

    Porto Alegre-RS Brazil

  17. marisa says:

    My name is marisa i am victim of remote neural monitoring in Brasil i need help.


  18. rastameaning says:

    As you say it’s a crime and others who with this looked after a way from incents as to human life’s as to all ages

  19. Steven Busch says:

    Jessica, seek help.

  20. james halpin says:

    My name is. James. Halpin and i know that a psychotronic weapon is being used on me. I feel. It might be a. Company. Called applied communications in on 250 wood st in hatboro pa.my emails accounts are being erased or password’s changed so they can monitor. My activity and phones have been cloned.

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