What do the polio vaccine, cancer causing monkey viruses, the plot to assassinate Fidel Castro and Lee Harvey Oswald have in common? Detailed summary of video in comments if you don’t want to watch all 2 hours.

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An overview of the video The Exploding Autoimmune Epidemic:
Dr. R.E. Tent, who has 31 years of experience in general practice, begins by stating how incredible it is that so many health professionals will do things to you but not to themselves and their own children.
According to Dr. Tent a “secret survey” concluded that the majority of cancer doctors would not treat themselves the same way they treat their patients. The survey also determined that cardiologists take vitamin E for their health, but most don’t recommend this to their patients. And finally, most do not get all the shots they recommend.
Dr. Tent’s kids aren’t insured. They aren’t vaccinated either, and are extremely healthy and have never had a problem getting into schools or any other situation that “requires” vaccination.
More and more people are becoming skeptical about vaccines, and Dr. Tent points out that the AMA is getting desperate for more volunteers (human guinea pigs) to test their experimental vaccines. The AMA website actually recommends mandatory vaccine experiments, since too few people want to be experimented on.
Cancer and autoimmune diseases are linked.
A brief history of the viral theory of cancer:
1901: parasitic theories of cancer (Pasteur Institute) — 1911: transmission of malignancy through cell-free filtrate — 1930: metabolism of tumors — 1940: breast cancer in mice influenced by nursing — 1944: electron microscopy study of chicken tumor cells — 1948: microscope findings in malignant tissue — 1949: virus-like bodies in human breast cancer — 1949: induction of breast cancer in mice — 1950: virus as a cause of human and animal malignancy — 1951: virus as the cause of cancer — 1953: is leukemia caused by a transmissible virus? — 1955: pathogenesis of cancer.
In 1942, antibiotics were released on a massive scale. This set the stage for the onset of a polio epidemic in 1943. They had to either restrict the antibiotics OR develop a vaccine, so a race to develop a vaccine began.
To put things in perspective, only 1 out of 1,000 people actually get paralytic polio, the rest experience flu-like symptoms or nothing at all. Despite the fact that the medical establishment claims to have eradicated polio, far more effective factors contributed to polio’s demise: sanitation, sewage control, refrigeration and central heat all contributed to stopping the disease.
Also, “polio” was reclassified into numerous other diseases around the same time it was supposedly “eradicated” due to the polio vaccine. In reality, polio cases just became reclassified as we learned more and more about subtle variations in diseases.
Enter Dr. Sarah Stewart and Dr. Bernice Eddy, two of the most criminally neglected women in the history of science (particularly Dr. Eddy). In 1955, Jonas Salk’s vaccine was rushed into production. Salk’s vaccine was “inactivated” with formaldehyde.
Bernice Eddy, right before the vaccine’s release, discovered faulty batches. She tested the vaccine on her own monkeys who subsequently became paralyzed. She immediately tried to delay release.
However, her warnings were ignored and they were delivered on schedule. Dr. Alton Ochsner, who becomes important later on, even tested the vaccines on his own grandchildren. Dr. Ochsner, a past president of the American Cancer Society, ended up killing his own grandson and crippling his granddaughter with the faulty vaccine…apparently not all the polio had been “inactivated.”
Unfortunately, mass inoculation continued and proceeded to become the biggest fiasco in medical history. Also known as the Cutter incident, 40,000 children developed abortive poliomyelitis. After this debacle, the NIH director resigned and the Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare stepped down. Richard Nixon was then given the job of restoring the reputation of NIH in 1955.
Despite the fact that she had been the one to sound the alarm, Bernice Eddy was taken off polio research and transferred to the influenza section. Here she met Dr. Sarah Stewart and together they discovered polyoma virus (a huge deal) which causes multiple cancer tumors in different species. This was the first time this was ever demonstrated.
This was a watershed event in cancer research: it shifted the focus of cancer research to viruses.
Bernice Eddy then took material from kidney cell cultures (which were used in the polio vaccine) and injected them into hamsters…to her surprise cancer grew. Vaccine manufacturers grew the polio viruses on the kidneys of monkeys, and when they removed the polio virus, they removed an unknown number of other monkey viruses.
In 1959, Bernice Eddy came to a shocking conclusion: an entire generation had been given cancer-causing monkey viruses. Using this knowledge, she predicted a future epidemic of cancer (sound familiar?).
Maurice Hilleman and Benjamin Sweet came to similar conclusions. One of the viruses they discovered they called SV-40, SV for Simian Virus, and 40 because it was the 40th such virus discovered. According to Hilleman:
The discovery of this new virus…raises the important question of the existence of other such viruses…As shown in this report, all three types of Sabin’s live poliovirus vaccine, now fed to millions of persons of all ages, were contaminated with SV-40.
Hilleman also has claimed that Merck’s hep B vaccines caused an AIDS epidemic in the US. The US government even admits that the hep B vaccine can cause lupus.
[It should be noted that Maurice Hilleman is not some fringe scientist: he is credited with saving more lives than any other scientist of the 20th century.]
John Martin, former FDA virologist, had this to say: “SV-40 infection is now widespread within the human population almost certainly as a result of the polio vaccine.”
From a front page story of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute in 1997: “In the 1950’s, SV-40 was one of several dozen viruses that contaminated the original Salk and Sabin polio vaccines administered to children in the US and Europe.”
SV-40 is repeatedly extracted from several types of tumors, including brain, bone and previously rare chest cancers.
Back to Bernice Eddy: In October 1960, she gave a talk to the New York Cancer Society, and without warning the NIH in advance (oops!) she announced that she had examined monkey kidney cells in which the polio virus had grown and found they were infected with cancer-causing viruses.
This was a big mistake on her part.
NO suggestion of cancer-causing monkey viruses in the polio vaccine was welcome at the NIH. They proceeded to crush her professionally. They took her lab, destroyed her animals, put her under a gag order, and delayed publication of her scientific papers (her lack of Wikipedia page is evidence enough that they are trying to make people forget about her).
Despite the fact that the “official” stance about SV-40 was that it didn’t cause cancer in humans, in 1961 the US announced that no more SV-40 would be allowed in future vaccines, BUT it was OK to use up old stocks, which they continued to do so until 1963.
In 1962 Albert Sabin introduced a new live oral polio vaccine, but it was still made with monkey kidneys.
Between 1955 and 1963, about 200 million Americans were exposed to SV-40. It’s estimated that 1 out of every 200 people will have cancer caused by SV-40. SV-40 explains the enormous rise in soft tissue cancers. Other cancers haven’t been increasing too significantly, but lung, breast, prostate, lymphoma, brain and melanoma have skyrocketed. Similarly, smoking has gone down, yet lung cancer has gone up.
In Albert Sabin’s own words:
I think to release certain information is not a public service. There’s too much scaring the public unnecessarily. Oh. your children were injected with a cancer virus and all that. That’s not very good!
Researchers have found SV-40 in 45% of seminal fluid samples and 23% of blood samples from healthy donors, meaning that it almost definitely is sexually transmittable, can go from mother to child, and therefore can pass on to new generations.
SIV was there too…technology in the 50’s was not available to filter SIV from viral extracts. To make things worse, researchers did not consider these viruses dangerous.
And here’s where things get really juicy…

In 1960 a team was established to figure out what to do with an entire population that was inoculated with cancer-causing monkey viruses. Dr. Alton Ochsner was the overseer of this project. Dr. Sarah Stewart was the scientific director and Dr. Mary Sherman, orthopedic surgeon and radiation specialist, was operational director of the project.
Based in Louisiana, this team was trying to develop a vaccine to prevent a cancer epidemic. Soon 19-year-old Judyth Vary Baker was added to the team. Baker was to be the subject of a 60 Minutes segment about 15 years ago, but they cancelled production at the last second. According to Edward Haslam, 60 Minutes spent more time and money on this story than any other up until that time, and everyone involved in production was extremely upset at this decision which apparently came from “higher up”.
The “Big” Lab was located in New Orleans: it was the infectious disease laboratory of the US Public Health Service Hospital, operated by the Military (and funded by the CIA). On site was a 5 million volt particle accelerator. Dr. Ochsner, a staunch anti-communist, was cleared by the FBI in 1959 for a “sensitive position” in the US government.
This was a national security issue. They didn’t want the public to lose faith in vaccinations, as a huge blow had already been dealt with the Cutter incident. They needed to prevent an epidemic quickly, quietly and privately. It needed to be secret because if they didn’t succeed no one would’ve stuck their neck out.
The best way to kill viruses like SV-40 is with radiation, hence the linear particle accelerator. However, radiating to alter the genetic code often made the viruses worse. Being small, many viruses don’t get killed, they just get altered. They then injected radiated viruses in mice, extracted them, radiated them again, and repeated the process over and over again.
While Mary Sherman ran the big lab, David Ferrie (yes that David Ferrie) ran the little lab. Judyth Vary Baker went between the two with the help of her bodyguard (and soon-to-be lover) Lee Harvey Oswald.
In 1959, New Orleans was dependent on Cuba and Latin America for trade. Castro’s revolution threatened everything. Not only did their “communism” threaten the US, but Castro threw out the casinos which pissed off the Mafia, especially in New Orleans. After the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Bay of Pigs fiasco, things kept getting worse.
Suddenly, priorities for the “project” began to shift: they now were instructed to develop a bio-weapon (weaponized cancer) in order to assassinate Castro. In fact, things started heating up and it became apparent to the “team” that if they weren’t quick enough in developing a vaccine to kill Castro, TPTB were getting far too impatient and they would kill Kennedy instead.
Carlos Marcello, the godfather of the New Orleans mafia, certainly knew what was happening, as did Jack Ruby who worked for Marcello and was a friend of Oswald’s (Oswald’s mother had been the girlfriend of one of Marcello’s drivers).
Judyth Vary Baker was brought on the team partly because in high school she had induced lung cancer in mice in 7 days, faster than anyone else in history. She was also perfect because she had no degree, was young and naive, and therefore could easily fly under the radar.
Dr. Ochsner and Harold Urey visited Judyth and Ochsner promised her early admission to Tulane Medical School if she worked with Dr. Mary Sherman on this project in New Orleans. To prepare for this, Baker received further training at Roswell Park Center in New York Buffalo, then went to New Orleans.
For a full account of Judyth’s fascinating tale, watch The Men Who Killed Kennedy – The Love Affair.
At this point, Oswald started publicly supporting Castro in order to make it easier for him to get into the country, as his job would be to transport the cancer weapon. During this time, Judyth and Oswald worked at Reily Coffee Company as a cover.
The team planned the following: expose Castro to multiple x-ray doses, weaken his immune system, then inject him with cancer. This method would be almost untraceable, as they wanted a way to off Castro without the trail leading back to the US.
To test their weapon, they killed a “volunteer” from Angola prison after taking him to Jackson Mental Hospital. Judyth was under the impression that the subject was terminally ill, but she became furious when she found the subject was healthy and not terminally ill. She also discovered that more than one test subject was likely used. She then wrote a letter to Dr. Ochsner, making a similar mistake as Bernice Eddy. Unfortunately for Judtyh, Ochsner’s secretary read the letter, a huge deal for Dr. Ochsner whose entire reputation was on the line, and Ochsner proceeded to destroy Judyth, remove her from the project, and make sure her career in science was over.
The rest, as they say, was history…Kennedy entered the crossfire and Castro escaped from it. On July 21st, 1964, Mary Sherman was brutally murdered. The newspaper said she was killed in a lesbian sex crime, but the truth was covered up for decades. Police report details of her body were not released…her right arm and the side of her body/rib cage had disintegrated despite there only being a superficial fire in the room.
Dr. Sherman was likely literally “fried” by the particle accelerator, either accidentally or intentionally. Her heart, however, was stabbed while she was still alive, so at least that was done intentionally. Strangely enough (or not), also on July 21st, 1964, the Warren Commission began taking testimony for the first time. Dr. Sherman’s murder was never solved.
Similarly, Oswald could never be allowed to go to court…this would be exposed. The FBI, CIA, Dr. Ochsner, Guy Banister, Marcello…it would all come out.
Jack Ruby then killed his friend Oswald. Judyth had met Ruby and seen the two acting very close to one another. Ruby, in jail, died from galloping lung cancer before his second trial. He claimed he was injected with cancer. He was put through a 45 minute x-ray session and then given a painful injection. Ruby knew Oswald and almost definitely knew what he was up to. In almost the same amount of time as the subject from Angola prison, Ruby died 29 days later of an extremely aggressive cancer.
He knew.

In 1971, Nixon declared war on cancer. Meanwhile, at Fort Detrick shit was going down.
Conservatively, thousands of viruses were weaponized, mutated, and mass produced. Enter Robert Gallo. In 1971 Gallo and his group at the NCI and Litton Bionetics experimented with simian and human cancer viruses and developed recombinants (mutants) of these with other viral nucleic acids including those that caused the prominent features of AIDS.
Finally, these and other NCI investigators injected such mutant viruses into human WBC and fetal tissue cultures to enable them to infect humans and even transmit these same diseases.
Dr. Leonard Horowitz sounded the alarm and got his hands on documents detailing research for germ warfare and mutating viruses. According to Horowitz, AIDS is a man-made biological weapon.
The following is a list of viruses, according to Dr. Tent, that are causing a great deal of grief among the mostly unsuspecting population (and even the medical establishment)
Epstein Barr Virus (HHV 4 or Herpes 4), best known as cause of infectious mononucleosis, also is associated with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Burkitt’s Lymphoma, Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma. EBV is associated with Dermatomyositis, Systemic Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sjogren’s Syndrome, MS and Chronic Fatigue. If you don’t have Epstein Barr, you are 10 times less likely to get MS
Cytomegalovirus (CMV, HHV 5): often goes undiagnosed and remains with you for life, not always being active.
Herpes 1 and 2; Herpes 6 (Roseola) can become reactivated later. A growing number of studies link HHV-6 with MS, epilepsy, cancer, fibromyalgia, optic neuritis, AIDS, seizures, chronic fatigue.
Parvo virus B19: up to 15% new cases of arthritis due to parvo virus.
The following is a list of vaccines and their animal byproducts:
measles (attenuvax): chick embryo — rubella (Blavax): human diploid cells from aborted fetal tissue — DPT (Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis): washed sheep red blood cells — small pox (Dryvax): vesicle fluid from calf skins — flu shot (Flyvirin): chick embryonic fluid — chicken pox (varivax): guinea pig embryo cells, fetal bovine serum, albumin from human blood, diploid cells from aborted fetal tissue — hepatitis A (Havrix): human diploid cells from aborted fetal tissue — oral polio (Orimune): monkey kidney cells and calf serum — measles, mumps, rubella and varicella (Proquad): human albumin, human diploid cells from aborted fetal tissue, bovine serum, chick embryo — Japanese encephalitis (Je-vax): mouse serum proteins — Oral rotavirus (recalled): rhesus monkey fetal diploid cells, bovine fetal serum — Rabies vaccine adsorbed: Rhesus monkey fetal lung cells.
Aborted fetuses are frequently used in the production of numerous vaccines (often referred to as human diploid cell). DNA and protein structures from human aborted babies is foreign DNA in your bloodstream. Your body will attack it, often leading to some sort of autoimmune disease.
Roe vs. Wade actually opened up this industry, as previously vaccine manufacturers had to go to Sweden for aborted fetuses. This is an extremely lucrative business.
There is a DIFFERENCE between immunizations and vaccination. Vaccination is the creation of antibodies. This can trigger allergies, asthma, autoimmune diseases and even cancer. Immunization is natural exposure to form proteins that challenge and build the immune system. Vaccinations do NOT prompt natural immunity.
HPV vaccination has been linked to demyelination; systemic lupus erythematosus has been triggered by the hepatitis B vaccine; measles vaccination in developing countries has resulted in higher infant mortality rates; influenza vaccines may be causing vasculitis; hep B vaccine has been associated with increased risk of MS and a wide range of autoimmune diseases; adult rubella and adult hep B vaccines have been statistically associated with chronic arthritis; Guillain–Barré syndrome has been associated with flu and hep B vaccines; Gardasil has also been linked to Guillain–Barré syndrome (Guillain–Barré syndrome, MS, polio…all suspiciously similar looking diseases according to Dr. Tent).
Viruses (wild-type or recombinant vaccine-type) can silently prime for and trigger central nervous system autoimmune diseases. Many of these viruses are hard to detect because they are so slow acting.
Numerous things can affect the immune system and stimulate these dormant viruses: steroids, ibuprofen, radiation, flu shots, blood transfusions, poisoned food, toxic environments, cosmetics, fear, and stress all can weaken the immune system.
CT/CAT scans are way overdone. It’s admitted that they kill 30,000 people a year…however is it the CAT scan itself or is it actually turning on these viruses?
The following vaccines are required for immigration to US: hep A, hep B, influenza, influenza B (Hib), measles, meningococcal, mumps, penumococcal, pertussis, polio, rotavirus, rubella, tetanus and diphtheria, and varicella.
Never get travel vaccinations.
Nurses are also getting creamed…flu shots, Gardasil, it’s all awful for you. Dr. Tent treats many of his patients that complain of fatigue, muscle pains, headaches, MS, etc. as being caused by viruses.
The following foods aggravate viruses, as they are high in Arginine, and should be avoided in large quantities, especially if you’re sick: sunflower seeds, brown rice, chocolate, almonds, pecans, peanuts, whole wheat bread, oatmeal, soybeans, corn, millet, onions, brussel sprouts, sesame seeds, split peas, walnuts, wheat germ, caffeine.
However, curcumin (from turmeric) inhibits autoimmune diseases. L-Lysine HCL also has documented immuno-supportive properties, esp. regarding viruses. Several top immunologists believe the single most critical disease-fighting element in the human cell is ionized calcium, it even fights herpes
Dr. Tent recommends the following supplements: livaplex, livotrit plus, liv-co, livton, L-Lysine, Cal-ma plus, C/Ca/Mag, calcium lactate, bio-FCTS, Ultra Virex, Cyruta Plus, Andrographis, Dismuzyme, Garlic, Sesame Seed Oil, IAG, ADP, Thymex, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Congaplex.
IAG: 1 tsp in juice; Thymex: 3 per day; sesame seed oil 3 per day; astragulus 2 per day; Vitanox (curcumin) 1-2 per day.
During the remainder of the video, Dr. Tent details specific cases were patients of his were unable to be treated under conventional methods. Dr. Tent, however, treated them as if the virus was the cause of the ailment, and the vast majority made complete or nearly complete recoveries.
And finally, Dr. Tent recommends the following books and documentaries for more information on these subjects. I personally have read these three books and I simply can’t recommend them highly enough:
Dr. Mary’s Monkey by Edward T. Haslam
Me & Lee: How I Came to Know, Love and Lose Lee Harvey Oswald by Judyth Vary Baker
The Virus and the Vaccine: Contaminated Vaccine, Deadly Cancers, and Government Neglect
In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood and Bioterrorism
Lethal Injection: The Story Of Vaccination Documentary
Thanks, hope this helps someone out there on their journey!

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