“The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services” Senatorial report issued by Murdered senator Nancy Schaefer

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Background Source: http://politicalvine.com/politicalrumors/odds-and-ends/one-year-follow-up-on-the-death-of-senator-nancy-shaefer-bruce-shaefer/
Introduction It has been one year and one day since Former State Senator Nancy Schaefer and her husband Bruce were found shot to death in their Habersham County home. Now, Garland Favorito has written a report that follows-up the investigation by the GBI into the claimed “murder-suicide” causation of the Schaefers’ deaths.
NOTE: Normally, Garland Favorito covers issues of voting machines and elections in Georgia through his 501-c-3 organization called VoterGA. However, in this case, Garland knew Senator Schaefer personally. And, as he did last year, he has put together a report laying-out the GBI investigation (or, perhaps, lack thereof) into the deaths of the Shaefers.
It has been exactly a year since former Georgia State Senator, Nancy Schaefer, and her husband Bruce, were found shot to death in their bedroom. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) completed its work in December and recently made the case file summary available under Georgia Open Records Request laws. The case file summary confirmed the GBIs original murder-suicide conclusion that Bruce Schaefer shot Nancy and then killed himself. The conclusion was based primarily on extensive suicide notes that contained specific instructions to the family and could have only been produced by Bruce or someone with first-hand knowledge of the family. There were also no visible signs of forced entry. The hand printed notes that were found in the bedroom indicated that financial problems were a motive. The investigation, signed by Special Agent Brian Whidby, also confirmed that Bruce, who was 74, had recently visited two funeral homes in the area. All of these findings were already reported or known within days of the Schaefer’s deaths on March 26, 2010.
The findings in the case file would be highly convincing except for one major problem never before reported. The Schaefers were not killed with the small caliber gun that the family knew they owned. They were killed with a higher caliber, untraceable weapon that no family member had ever seen before. The weapon was originally shipped to a dealer in a remote part of southern Florida in 1982 and the ownership records have since been destroyed, possibly as a result of a natural disaster. The case file was unable to establish how the Schaefers, who lived in Georgia during the 1980s, acquired the murder weapon. It also contains no explanation as to why Bruce would not use the gun he already owned to commit the crime, but instead acquire another gun that just happened to be untraceable.
The GBI autopsy report found that the wounds of Bruce Schaefer were consistent with a suicide finding but the report was unable to rule out the possibility that he was murdered. The autopsy report and initial investigative case summary did not find any difference in the times of death for the couple. They imply that that the times of death were the same, which is a virtual impossibility. The notes show that Bruce wrote them after shooting Nancy and it would have taken hours for him to write and assemble the material for the notes before he shot himself.
The final investigative summary cites the extensive, detailed suicide notes found at the scene as the most overwhelming evidence of suicide. But the case file shows that the GBI performed no handwriting analysis to authenticate those printed notes as originating from Bruce Schaefer. The multi-page, extensive suicide notes are also strange in the sense that there is no mention of the 13 grandchildren who Bruce loved so much. There are also oddities in the financial information included in the notes.
The suicide notes contain a foreclosure letter and precise details for settlements involving over $25K of credit card debt, but they provide little or no information on the Schaefers’ assets and income. Although containing many other instructions there are no instructions on how to liquidate any retirement accounts, stock investments or uncollateralized property that the Schaefers owned. Only a couple of insurance policies are present but it is unclear what value, if any, that they would have in a murder-suicide. The Schaefers already had put their house on the market and showed virtually no concern about any pending foreclosure right up until the night before their death. They still had roughly $100,000 of equity in the home even after reducing the sale price. They were advised by one of their sons, who is in the real estate business, that it was unlikely they would lose the house.

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9 comments on ““The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services” Senatorial report issued by Murdered senator Nancy Schaefer
  1. Lionel Richardson says:

    My child was abducted from New York to Walker County Georgia. The attorney general dose not respect the judge orders. Disobey them with no consequences. Dont appeal any order in my favor. Just don’t follow the order and as on October 2, 2013 told the judge he don’t have jurisdiction to make him do anything. An I.C.P.C. have been approved but since DFCS keep lying and holding my child only for a profit. What can a person do when DFCS dont listen to the judge without any penalty? Absolute power corrupt absolutly.

    • brenda says:

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    • brrnda says:

      Brendajustice.com I’ve witnessed CP’scorruption voyr Brenda justice for president vote for prosecution of CP’s workers and others inspired to kidnp children viilte rights of u. Citizens death penalty for those cinpiring to violate witness exhibits used to kidnp child fr builogical other fraud by Detroit and NY assisting hold services conspiracy to rtarget single wenn and children

  2. […] children away from their families. Whistleblowers – like the American senator Nancy Schaefer [https://publicconspiracy.wordpress.com/2013/06/27/the-corrupt-business-of-child-protective-services-…] are killed, imprisoned or brought to psychiatric […]

  3. brenda says:

    i saw nancy svafer story it didnt cime as a surprise cinsidering the fact cps kidnaped my son out of ny and had me held hostage for 30 fays and are still trying to false i prison me in michigan as asossstanr prosecutor nancy raweel used a fraud dicument to kidnap and viilate federal law lindbergh law kidnappind my son criss state lines they conceaed from thw judge they took my son as the court had hid the crime of kidanpoing with one judge i brought dicuments in brooklyn fed court who i wilp be reauesting an impeachment by filing complaint347 23 9 6321 if u want to interview me and see the drsud they used ttokidnap me and my son i was released my sin still still missing as a judge may assume him taken cross state lines which the judge ignored ut so under the law is a missing child if youd lije me to fax u proof of thr detrout court asst prosecutir fraud susan taweel that she used to ilegalyy perpertrate the ulillegal kidnappindg of my son out of ny state by stating she would wztradite him and withiut a court order

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  5. brenda says:

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    Com 3478701842 and 3472396321

  6. Are u a victim of was you child illegally removed kidnapped 3478701842if you PR your child was kidnapped would you advocate the death penalty for your child’s abductors

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