Litteral Mind Control – A Collection of Links

Thanks go out to MrPSAguy

for why the content is linked and functional explanations.

List of Mind-Controllish Patents

Police Device Probably Related to Mind Control

U Kansas Neurologist Works with NSA Funding and Soviet Weapons Scientists on Brain Implant

Soviet Mind “Reading”/Control Devices for Sale to DHS

Igor Smirnov – Developer of Above and LIDA Machine

Giant DUGA-3 Soviet Antenna – “Woodpecker”/”Brain-Burner”

Old Soviet Cartoons for Kids

NASA Technology for Reading Subvocalization

Inverse Colors Guide for Mind Control Component

Projection Technology Usable for Holographic Projection

Neurocognitive Assessment via Video-Gaming

New Police Methods Already in Use

And last but not least:

Classical Psychological Warfare via Behavioral Control of Culture

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