The Rise of Fascism in America

by Ian56

Further information and economic charts are available in here :-

Most of what is wrong in America today is due to crony capitalism.

America does not have free market capitalism.

There are now monopolistic cartels operating in each major industry with around 5 major players controlling 80% plus of the market in each industry. 5 big banks, 5 big oil companies, 5 or 6 big drugs companies, 3 big GMO seed producers (with Monsanto the most crony), 10 large arms companies, 5 to 10 large government software suppliers, big crony food companies like Walmart and soon to be about 5 major Health Insurers etc. etc.. etc.

The wealthy elites and the CEO’s of crony Corporations have bought the government lock, stock and barrel with campaign donations and other bribes. The government works for them, not for you.

Crony capitalism is also known as Corporatism.

“Fascism should more properly be called Corporatism as it is the merger of Corporate and State power.” Benito Mussolini

This perfectly describes the system in place in America today.

See the TPP and Tafta “trade” treaties, which are currently being negotiated by Obama. TPP is trying to be fast tracked through Congress by the Republicans led by Boehner and by Obama.

The TPP treaty currently being negotiated is a prime example of Fascism. 600 Corporate lobbyists are influencing the treaty, including those from Halliburton and Monsanto, to benefit multinationals and large Corporations. How many representatives of the people are there? None, zero, zip, nada.

It is sickening what is happening in America Today

The modern American political system – Fascism

The Characteristics of Fascism

An inconvenient truth for Barack Obama – He is a Corporatist NOT a Democrat

The rise of FASCISM in America

Prior to 1913 America did have a pretty good approximation to Free Market Capitalism. With this system in place America went from almost nothing to the greatest power on Earth in a little over 130 years. It took Rome over 500 years to do that. It took the Brits about 700 years.

The Case Against Barack Obama. The genius of the United States is DYING

Things have been getting steadily worse since 1913. Since Bush was inaugurated there has been a dramatic worsening of America’s strategic and economic positions and a dramatic weakening in the Rule of Law.

Chart of Federal taxes as a proportion of GDP for the last 200+ years

The heinous and serious crimes of the Obama regime – the utter failure to uphold the Rule of Law

What 30 years of increasingly extremist Corporatist policies have done to America and how to start fixing things

See Obama’s recent SOTU speech and his 25 lies for further information on this

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