For independent/alternative media, I recommend the following: Blacklisted News, End the Lie, Washington’s Blog, Activist Post, Zero Hedge, Truthstream Media, OpEdNews, 12160, Veterans Today, The Liberty Beacon, Intellihub, techdirt, MintPress News, The Excavator, The Top Information Post, Information Clearing House, Boiling Frogs, Memory Hole,, The Daily Sheeple, The New American, AlethoNews, TruthDig, SHTF Plan, Raw Story, Top Secret Writers,, Wake up America, Daily Paul, Ben Swann’s Truth in Media, White Owl Conspiracy, Liberty Blitzkrieg, Voltaire Network, Vigilant Citizen, SGTReport, The Common Sense Show, Citizens for Legitimate Government, Reader Supported News, NaturalNews, Cryptome, Alt-Market, WhoWhatWhy, Paul Craig Roberts,, SteveLendmanBlog, Land Destroyer, Freedom’s Phoenix, The 4th Media, RINF Alternative News, GlobalResearch, Alternet, Humans Are Free, Common Dreams, The Economic Collapse Blog, Drudge Report, The Real News Network, USAHM Conspiracy News, 21st Century Wire, Whiteout Press, Popular Resistance, DissidentVoice, TruthIsTreason, WarIsCrime

Foreign media: Russia Today, Press TV, Haaertz, Al Jazeera, The EU Times

Geopolitical & military affairs: StatRisks, PhantomReport, Defense News, Foreign Policy, intelNews

Disclaimer: Beware of political & ideological bias. Bear in mind, even if you disagree with or can debunk one story from a particular source, it does not make that entire source irrelevant. Do not take anything at face value, nor should you disregard anything outright. Use your own judgement & fact-checking to discern what is credible and what isn’t.


This is an awesome post and I hope other people take note.

In fact, I’m commenting because I’m definitely going to reference this in the future.

If I may be so humble to add a few sources to this incredible list:

Red Ice Creations, CounterPunch, World Socialist Website, The Daily Bell, No More Fake News, Story Leak, Natural Society, Giza Death Star, Mondo Weiss, Strategic Culture Foundation, Disinformation


Ah yes, how could I possibly forget CounterPunch, WSW, Disinfo, Story Leak et al?

Also recommenced: Leaksource & Lobe Log (for geopolitical/foreign policy matters).

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