Ukraine and Syria are different battles of the same petrowar. The “Ukraine Situation” Explained In One Map

Ukraine and Syria are different battles of the same petrowar. The “Ukraine Situation” Explained In One Map


Hedge is leaving out some crucial information regarding the pipeline, and certain parties and conflicts surrounding it, Dawson does not.

Video: Syria what is really going on and why

Why are there conflicts in Syria and why is there really a target on Iran?

Stop thinking about it in terms of US interest and the puzzle is very easy. The US acts for only one state’s interest and that’s Israel. AIPAC has purchased a congress with a foreign government’s financial backing.


Pipelines are not just for transporting oil and gas. They are for political leverage as well. Each country a pipeline passes through greatly benefits as a middleman in the flow of resources. In order for energy to reach the open market, the pipeline must reach a port, after that it can be shipped anywhere.

The Big battle right now is over the Caspian Basin. It’s a non-OPEC source of oil and gas and there is a lot of it. The major markets are Europe and Asia. The larger market and undoubtedly the larger future market is certainly Asia. China and India are emerging and both are strapped for oil and gas. Japan is also a thirsty virtually oiless country. A direct line to China or India is out of the question as conflict in Afghanistan prevents investors from joining any consortium. And without them there can be no pipeline. No one wants to spend billions of dollars on something that could be physically destroyed and plagued with attacks. Instead at present oil and gas going to Asia is shipped West through the BTC lines that start in Azerbaijan then pass through Georgia and conclude in Cheyan port of Turkey.

For that oil and gas to get to Asia it must pass through the Israeli line and come out at the Red Sea. Oil and gas going to Europe goes to Italy, which is why Italy and Israel are the largest importers of BTC gas and oil. Europe also has other sources, gas from Russia, Oil from Libya etc. Israel greatly enjoys its position as the final middle man on energy going to Asia. (They wrote all of this out by the way)

Now after the Egyptian revolution when the puppet dictator Mubarak was forced to flee to Israel, Iran was free for the first time to pass its ships through the Suez Canal since 1979 and could send oil and gas to Europe. Likewise Libya could send its oil south east to Asia. So shortly after the revolution a conflict was manufactured in Libya, Libya was invaded, Gaddafi removed and his contracts with the Chinese reneged. Europe was bullied into putting sanctions on Iran.

Well Iran has been expanding its gas fields. They’d like to send gas through southern Iran which avoids Afghanistan, directly to Pakistan and India and eventually to China. China has made it clear that they are willing to over pay for gas and oil. The South Pars Gas field contains 16 trillion cubic meters of recoverable gas which can be a secure source of gas supply in the next 80 years.

At the same time, with the US being kicked out of Iraq in 2011, Iran signed a 10 billion dollar deal with Iraq and Syria to build a line to through Iraq to Syria.

Now who is that a threat to? Turkey and Israel naturally, because it is an alternative to the BTC monopoly. So who has had mercenaries in Syria from the beginning? Israel and Turkey of course. The goal is not really regime change. The goal like in Afghanistan is to create prolonged conflict to last for years. None of the factions in Syria are able to dominate the others And you can’t disarm parties that are getting their arms from abroad anyway and the government can’t disarm while it’s being attacked. But that is a goal; to tare Syria apart and create perpetual conflict preventing any new lines from breaking the monopoly and it also creates a healthy environment for MIC profiteers. In return the Turks and Israelis will continue to buy all the US’s toys (no matter how worthless they are for actual combat) albeit it with money acquired form the US to begin with in the form of “aid.” That keeps Lockheed and co happy and thus the American media in line.

Americans are getting robbed, Syrians are being killed, Europe and Asia are being deprived of new sources of oil and gas. Iran and Pakistan are being pushed into the arms of BRIC, and Israel is laughing all the way to the bank. If you understand pipelines and the Israeli centric grip on US foreign policy, it all makes perfect sense.

At minimal a gas line to Pakistan from Iran is going to happen. So look for more excuses for the US to bomb in Pakistan. Unless something dramatic happens in the US, there could be civil war in Syria for years. All the more reason to support Ron Paul. And all the more reason you should donate to rys2sense.

I brushed over Afghanistan and the pipeline wars, but I’ve written a detail account here, with maps, dates, players and prices. War in Syria also has other consequences. Russia’s only military port on the Mediterranean Sea is in Syria. Things could get escalated quickly. Sanctions on Iran increase oil prices. Places like Japan are needing oil more than ever after the Fukushima disaster. Depriving people of these resources and restricting the free market and free trade is immoral. It benefits only a select few fat cats and harms all of the rest of us.

Everyone admits now that they know Iran is not building a bomb. The worry is that if Iran can build nuclear power for electricity they could free up all the oil they are currently consuming and sell it.

PNAC wants to destroy any potential economic or military rivals. A vibrant Middle East or Asia would break the trilateral power structure. There would be a New World Order, one with more balance, one with a higher living standard across the board and a lower cost of living for us all. But that’s not what the psychopaths want. They want a 1st vs 3rd world strict stratification of wealth and the hell with the people living in any country.

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Why Barret Brown should not be in jail.

Why Barret Brown should not be in jail.

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Defense against the Psychopath – Full Length

Video outlining how to identify and protect yourself against psychopaths in society.

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More Pedophiles in High Places — US Senator Lamar Alexander linked to Network

US Senator Lamar Alexander is connected to two very involved pedophiles. -Wayne Madsen Report (self.conspiracy)

submitted by esparza74

February 11-13, 2014 — SPECIAL REPORT. Washington, DC (Wayne Madsen Report) Loskarn arrest only a tip of a pedophile network that includes Alexander, other Tennessee politicians publication date: Feb 10, 2014

February 10-13, 2014 — SPECIAL REPORT. Washington, DC (WMR) Loskarn arrest only a tip of a pedophile network that includes Alexander, other Tennessee politicians

The December 11, 2013 arrest by U.S. Postal Inspectors of Senator Lamar Alexander’s chief of staff Ryan Loskarn on charges of possession and distribution of child pornography in connection with international law enforcement’s Toronto-based Project SPADE, represents only the tip of an iceberg which connects Alexander to a network of Tennessee politicians and businessmen associated with child sex abuse.

Loskarn, who was released against the wishes of federal prosecutor for the District of Columbia Mi Yung Park to the custody of his parents in Sykesville, Maryland for being a suspected suicide risk, was found hanging in the basement of his parents’ home on January 23. Foregoing an autopsy, the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for the State of Maryland in Baltimore concluded, based on a mere visual inspection of Loskarn’s body, that he had died from self-inflicted hanging.

Since Loskarn’s indictment had previously been postponed until February 10, the last day which prosecutors had to bring formal charges, WMR was informed by legal experts that the delay in indicting Loskarn may have been the result of a pending plea agreement. Loskarn, who was identified as a child porn distributor, would have been in a position to identify actual or intended recipients of child pornographic photographs and videos found by postal inspectors in Loskarn’s possession, had he lived.

Loskarn’s purported “suicide note,” which makes no specific mention of an intention to commit suicide, instead contains an effusive apology to his friends, family, and Senator Alexander. The suicide note has more of a ring of the type of letter drafted by legal counsel to a judge requesting leniency in sentencing, another indication that Loskarn and his attorneys may have been working out a possible plea agreement with Department of Justice prosecutors.

Bright Horizons and Lamar Alexander

In 1998, Massachusetts-based Bright Horizons, a child welfare service company, merged with Corporate Family Solutions, a firm that provided similar services and which was founded in 1987 by Lamar Alexander and Bob Keeshan, who had been known to millions of American children as television’s “Captain Kangaroo.” The merged company, Bright Horizons Family Solutions, was acquired by Mitt Romney’s former firm, Bain Capital, in 2008.

Alexander, the Secretary of Education under George H W Bush, has been tied to a network of Tennessee politicians and businessmen associated with government and private companies, including Bright Horizons and Omni Visions, Inc. of Tennessee, as well as state government social service agencies, such as the the Department of Childrens’ Services, accused of endangerment and sexual abuse of foster and mentally challenged children.

Alexander’s close GOP associate, Jim Henry, the CEO of Omni Visions, provides services contracted out by the state of Tennessee to developmentally disabled and troubled children. Henry is a close political ally of Tennessee Republican Governor Bill Haslam, as well as Alexander. Omni Visions has been cited in several legal cases for placing children into the foster homes of convicted pedophiles and endangering children by placing them under the care of abusive staff. There are also documented cases of children dying at the hands of Omni Vision care providers.

From Lamar Alexander’s University of Tennessee to Penn State and Omaha

The network of child care providers linked to Alexander is also linked to the University of Tennessee and Penn State University, the latter the nexus for the pedophilia scandal involving former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky and his The Second Mile Foundation. Graham Spanier, the former president of Penn State who was fired over the Sandusky scandal, had previously served as chancellor of the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. Spanier’s close friend was his predecessor as chancellor, Ronald Roskans, a close friend of and adviser to fallen GOP rising star Lawrence King, who operated the Franklin Community Federal Credit Union of Omaha. King was implicated in a major GOP pedophile scandal, known as the “Franklin Cover-up,” said to have involved former President George H W Bush.

One of the links between the University of Tennessee and Penn State is the Downsbrough family. George Downsbrough, Sr., a former head of HRB Singer, a State College, Pennsylvania-based firm that provided state-of-the-art technology to the National Security Agency, donated $3 million to Penn State. His son, Bruce O. Downsbrough, served beginning in 2003 as chief operating officer of the University of Tennessee Foundation, which serves as the fundraising arm of the state university. Lamar Alexander had previously served as president of the University of Tennessee. Downsbrough was installed in his position despite a prior conviction for child molestation. Downsbrough had previously been an executive of the Colorado University Foundation in Boulder, Colorado. He was later charged and convicted in an 1986 case for molesting two underage boys in Boulder. Perhaps due to the Downsbrough family’s significant political connections, Downsbrough’s law license was merely frozen by the Colorado Supreme Court because it deemed him incapacitated because of an unstated disability.

As part of Project SPADE, Downsbrough was arrested in Knoxville, Tennessee in 2012. The same law enforcement operation resulted in Loskarn’s arrest. Project SPADE involved the arrest worldwide of individuals found in possession of child pornographic materials distributed by Azov Films of Toronto. The common denominator in the arrests as part of the same operation of two seemingly unrelated men in different parts of the country is their professional association with Lamar Alexander.

A confidential source who investigated the Nebraska pedophile ring known as the “Franklin Scandal,” believes that after the exposure of the GOP-based ring, the pedophile network moved from Nebraska to Tennessee and the protection of powerful GOP politicians, including Alexander, Haslam, Henry, and ultimately, the Bush family, which considers Tennessee to be a personal political fiefdom.

This story continues to develop . . .

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Some good links to videos on Weather Manipulation

Here is the channel:

Here is the tornado video:

Here is the vortex creation video:


thanks to u/iam_sancho2

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Satanic Child Abuse: A Thorough Analysis – Archaeological Investigations of the Subterrainean Tunnel System at McMartin Preschool Site, Manhattan Beach, California

Satanic Child Abuse: A Thorough Analysis – Archaeological Investigations of the Subterrainean Tunnel System at McMartin Preschool Site, Manhattan Beach, California

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Operation: American Spring is Controlled Opposition


All over the web I have been seeing threads pop up about this. If you do even a cursory amount of digging you will see that it has a shaaaaaady background. Not only that, but many of the posts I have seen are openly calling for violent revolution

This is just a warning to prevent any of us from being put on even more watch lists.

When a real grass-root movement pops up, we will know. But this is not it.

Stay vigilant folks, here is all the info I have found so far. All the organizers have numerous connections to Neocon groups/think-tanks, hardline Israel supporters, blatant Zionists, and most importantly THE GOD DAMNED NSA

(NOTE: I did not create these images)






OAS6, I don’t like the source for this one but it is valid


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